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“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 12)
“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 12)

“The Pastor’s Daughter” Story By Playloaded.

    👫💞 The Pastor’s Daughter Episode Twelve:

    “It’s okay Love, what will you do now? He asked but I only sniffed. He searched through his pocket and brought out 2,000 naira for me,
    “I’m sorry, he sadly said and I took it.

    “Thank you, I calmly said and took my bag and slowly left.
    I heard a bike coming behind me as I strolled on the street,
    “Hey! I heard and turned to see the delivery guy.
    I just hissed and kept going,

    “I’m sorry okay, let’s go, he said driving slowly.
    “Go to where? All thanks to you I’ve been thrown out, can you leave me alone now? I asked.

    “Where will you go? Okay now you’re blaming me I stood up for you right? What’s wrong with what I did? He asked.
    “Because that was my means of survival and it will put me in trouble, did you think about that? I asked back.

    “I understand okay and its not good you’re walking on the street this morning with no place to go, let’s go please, he replied and I looked at him.
    “To where? Besides I don’t know you, I said.

    “Forget about that, hop in, he said and I slowly climbed on the bike sideways and he drove off.
    We got to a compound and got into his single apartment and I stood looking at him scared to go in,
    “Come in I won’t harm you, he said sitting down on the bed there and I left the door where I stood to a corner still standing holding my bag.

    “What are we doing here? I asked.
    “Will you stay here with me? He asked and I angrily looked at him.

    “What do you mean by that! Do you see me as one girl Standing on the road for customers? I asked.
    “Hey hey calm down that’s not what I mean. Staying here with me does not mean what you’re thinking now, you’re like my junior sister and I can’t do that, he replied and I looked away from him folding my hands.

    “Look Love I hate to see people treated that way despite I don’t know you, and I don’t know why I want to help you but I can assure you that I am not a bad person okay, he continued.
    “Thank you but you shouldn’t have bothered….. I mean if you want to help me then give me a job, I said.

    “Okay, but where will you stay to work if you see the job? He asked.
    “Don’t they give accommodation? I asked back and he smiled.

    “Wow Love your class is big o, but its not that easy, he replied and I heaved.
    “Come sit down Love, don’t worry if you find the job with accommodation you can leave I won’t stop you okay, he said.

    “So you mean I should Live here with you? I asked.
    “Yes Love, he replied.

    “How did you know my name? I asked.
    “Grace told me, anymore questions? He asked.

    “Yes, do you have a job? I asked.
    “Yes I work right? He asked back.

    ‘For me nau, I replied and he laughed.
    “Eat first, he said going to the shelf and brought out bread and I slowly sat down on the bed.

    “I don’t know your name, I calmly said when he wanted heating water for me.
    “Because you didn’t ask. You can call my Mozzy, he said.

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    “Moses? I asked.
    “Mozzy please, He replied.

    “What kind of name is that na? Abi names has finished in this world? I asked.
    “Is not your name o and i like it that way, he replied and I rolled my eyes.

    “I’ll call you whatever I like then, I said and he looked at me and shook his head.
    “Thank you, I added.

    “You’re welcome, he said.

    2 days later with Mozzy, he took me somewhere. It was a bar and they needed girls to serve there,
    “Do you like the place? Mozzy asked when we got there.
    “Are you still asking? I like it already o let’s go, I replied and we got in. We got to see a guy there and told him why we are there,

    “Which of you is working? He asked.
    “Myself, I replied and he told us the terms and condition of the place.
    I was to come by 2pm and leave by 8pm and my pay will be 15,000 naira monthly and he will be paying my transport daily.

    “Everyday? I mean will I be working everyday including Sundays? I asked after he was done.
    “Yes, besides you’re not coming here in the morning right? He asked back.

    “No problem sir, thank you, I replied and that was how I started working.
    3 months of my stay there I was friends with Bella. I met her there and she taught me how to serve and all that. I got home that night and saw Mozzy asleep but he woke up immediately I tried locking the Iron door,
    “You’re late today, its almost 9pm, he said acting like a senior brother he is.

    “Yes sire and I apologize, Bella asked me to drop her off at home, I said.
    “What for? Are you now a taxi? He asked and I laughed.

    “She only wanted me to know where she’s staying as a friend, I replied.
    “In fact, take that phone there, it’s yours and if I Call and its switched off eh, you’re in my soup, Mozzy said and I saw a phone. I screamed that night happily and hugged him almost crying,

    “What is this one? For a button phone you’re doing like this, abeg get out, Mozzy said pushing me aside.
    “yes I accept let me do, I have a phone now! Thank you so much! I shouted happily and saw he bought a new wrist band and I touched it on his hand smiling at him.

    “What is it? Leave me o, he said when he saw I wanted begging for it as usual.
    “This one is for ladies na, please na, abeg na, I insisted teasing him and he tiredly took it off and slept off.

    The next day I went to work, and as I was strolling back with Bella that night so I can get a cab back home, a car from no where drove and pushed me in…..

    TO Be Continued.

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