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“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 18)
“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 18)

“The Pastor’s Daughter” Story By Playloaded.

    👫💞 The Pastor’s Daughter Episode 18:

    “I’ll do it! I’ll do anything just mention it! I shouted running to the door and he stopped.
    “Come with me, the boss said and that was how I followed him.

    I became the right hand of the boss. He opened up everything about his dealings with me and the money involved every week from the drugs. He had other big men who partners in the business with him while he takes the biggest percentage,
    “This is our oil well, this is our NNPC but there’s a problem, he said after about one month of me staying with him.
    “What is it? You know you can tell me right? I asked.

    “We are having problems shipping out drugs to those who wants it, looks like they are suspecting some fowl play, he replied.
    “Why not seal their mouth and pace your way with money? I asked him.

    “You’ll implicate yourself especially if it gets to a righteous officer who will be bent of knowing why you’re bribing them. We only pay the necessary money we are to pay and appreciate them you know, but I think they have received reports that drugs are going out of Nigeria to other countries and its too tight for us, he replied.
    “What should we do now? I asked.

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    “I think we should be the container, he replied.
    “You mean? I asked and he stood up

    “I’ll get a doctor, a professional one for that matter who will hide the drugs in your bodies, he replied.
    “Isn’t that risky? I asked.

    “Hey babe he is a professional and people has been doing it. You’ll put on clothes and you’ll be searched but they will see nothing, don’t worry I know how to get you all out of the country easily, that’s my job, he replied and I was feeling uncomfortable but he touched my neck and kissed it.
    “You know I can’t let any harm come to you right? He asked and I nodded.

    “I trust you, I replied and he opened my mouth and placed a drug on my tongue and I smiled leading him to bed myself. Yes, that was one of my obligation to him and that’s my life now.

    A week later I was in the special room when I heard the bell and I came out with my cigarette knowing that’s the call for a meeting, and as usual I was just on the side of the boss. That position was something everyone was not pleased with especially the ladies I was once taken to. They felt one of them should be that close to the boss and not me, and I’ve been hearing the guys gossiping wondering why the boss chose me of all people despite my stubbornness.

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    “Good news, one of us just got discharged this evening, though he wanted coming here but I told him to have every rest his body needs. And most importantly what I discussed with you earlier, the doctor will be here in Few days time.
    During this period stay clear from drugs until the operation is successful even after the operation else you can be knocked out. You all have to eat healthy because its neccessary, the boss said and he looked at me.
    “Including you Love, he added and I scoffed.

    “You know I can’t stay without drugs, I told him.
    “That’s an order Love! You will be part of this operation and I have every thing prepared for you all already, he said and poured out something from a bag and we saw fake passports and everything we need to enter Our designated country.

    “South Africa? I asked him when I saw mine.
    “Yes and you’re in charge, don’t you dare mess up, he replied and looked at the rest.

    “Am I understood? He asked.
    ‘Yes boss, everyone replied.

    “Dismiss, he said and they bowed their heads and left leaving me with the boss.
    “Are you serious? I will be away from drugs Why? How do you expect me to do that? I asked shouting at him.

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    “You have no right to question me, go and get yourself ready and stay clear from it else you’ll answer me, he said pointing his finger at me and left the hall. I was so mad and returned back to my room locking myself without seeing him as I struggled when I noticed he entered the room and packed every drug I stored there even cigarettes.
    I could not eat the food given to me either when I was hungry for drugs, and after four days we were called out.

    I sluggishly left my room and the boss hugged me from behind,
    “You refused seeing me for days now my love, he said and I took his hands from my waist.
    “Are you happy now? Excuse me, I said and left him.

    The operation started with the guys while the boss was there to inspect as the rest waited outside for our turn.
    The door opened and the boss asked me to come in which I did,

    “Wait wait, won’t you make me sleep off or something? I asked when I saw the doctor coming close to me with his tools.
    “No love, you don’t need drugs. You’re a strong girl right? The boss asked and stood behind me to hold me and right before my eyes, I saw my hand opened and wraps of drugs was neatly arranged while I screamed until I lost my voice. I was stitched back and I was sweating profusely when I was led out of the room. I wondered why I didn’t hear the screams of the guys who entered there before I did, then I looked at the ladies waiting for their turn and saw fear in their eyes.

    I returned back to my room after the boss promised to see me when he is done with the inspection but I felt someone was in my room.
    “Who’s there? I asked and the guy I damaged his eye came out from the toilet smiling at me. I gasped and wondered how he got into my room,

    “So its true, it’s true you turned out to be the boss prostitute after doing this to me huh? He asked.
    “Well welcome back, I replied and attempted to Leave but he drew me back on the hand I was opened and I screamed which he covered my mouth and pinned me in bed.

    “What are you trying to do? Don’t you dare touch me because I belong to the boss! I said to him..
    “Do I look like I care? You took my eye and I won’t let you go that easily, he said and that was when I saw him with a full substance of drugs in a big syringe. It was a Size that has never been used on me before when I was punished, clearly that will be an overdose.

    “No no don’t do that, I said trying to struggle.
    ‘I heard no drugs should be taken when you have some under your skin already. I can’t wait to see the reaction, he said and injected me on the same hand that was opened and quickly ran out of the room.

    I lost my voice as I laid in bed weakly, and within minutes, I Was foaming from my mouth as I threw myself from the bed and landed heavily on the ground.
    “My love, I heard and the door opened,
    “Love! I heard the boss screamed as I faintly saw him carrying my head and I passed out.

    TO Be Continued.

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    Pastor daughter is going through a tough time

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    Pastors children always start thier life like this, b4 God intervention, why?

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