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“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 20)
“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 20)

“The Pastor’s Daughter” Story By Playloaded.

    👫💞 The Pastor’s Daughter Episode 20:

    “I was home okay now get out before I call the police! He shouted pushing me and I just licked my lips and left respecting his father.
    “Hey! I heard someone running behind me and I stopped to see Patrick coming.

    “What is it? I asked him.
    “Is Love really missing? He asked.

    “Yes, do you know where she is? I asked back.
    “No but I can assure Yuh that is not Nosa. I know my brother can be annoying sometimes but he can’t go far to harm Love after so many months. Besides last night was my father birthday and we were at home through out celebrating with him, Patrick replied.

    “Good for you, I said and wanted walking away.
    “Please find her, and ermmm can I give you my number just in case you do? He asked.

    “No, I replied and left.

    I got back home and there was no trace of Love still and her number was still switched off.
    I sat down thinking about Bella and Nosa. Nosa seemed real when I spoke with him and Patrick confirmed it, but there was something about Bella I didn’t trust. The way she ran her mouth while talking to me when she supposed to be calm knowing her friend is missing said it all, but then I need a prove.

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    For more than a week I paraded everywhere looking for Love and at a point the neighbors thought she must have gone home.
    “She can’t leave that way and I have a strong feeling that something is wrong, I said and left for the police station again after I had already reported her to the station. They gave me no meaningful information other than they are working on it and they will get back to me when they find something.

    I was losing my patience and it was already 2 weeks, then I decided to drink at the bar where Love worked and I saw Bella attending to other customers but I saw something on her wrist. On the eve of Love missing I remembered she disturbed me for the new wrist band I bought and I took my eyes from it.
    “Anyone can have the wrist band, I said to myself and left the bar after I was done with the bottles I ordered for and satisfying myself that the bar was harmless.

    I got home but the wristband on Bella hand kept entering my head and that night I left the house to follow Bella home. She got into a taxi and I jumped on my bike I packed at the right place and followed her until she arrived at her neighborhood.

    Just when she was about opening her door I quickly stood behind her,
    “What…… “Ssshhhh open the door or this will be your last, I whispered in her ears when she wanted shouting and she quickly opened up and I pushed her in and closed the door myself.
    “Let me see your phone, I said to her.

    “For……. She paused and gave it to me and I turned it off and commanded her to sit down.
    “What do you want? I told you already I don’t know what happened to Love, she said and I nodded.

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    “You know Love said so many good things about you how you’re kind, caring and her best friend. Your friend is missing for weeks now and you’re not bothered why? Are you even missing her at all? I asked.
    ‘I do but i didn’t want to involve myself because you are seeing me as the suspect, she replied.

    “Then can you boldly say your conscience is clear? I asked.
    “There you go again, she replied and I smiled.

    “I just want to know what happened that night, I said.
    “Nothing much. After we closed for the day, We strolled together to the place where we can get our different cab and that was it, what do you want to hear? She asked and I breathed out.

    “Its sad though. Nice wristband, I said to her and she looked at her wrist.
    “Thank you, she said.

    ‘And I am wondering why that’s the only wristband you have, I said and held her hand looking at it carefully and saw it didn’t really fit on her hand. Every wristband Love took from me was always oversize because of my big wrist will expand the elastic for her small hand and that’s the same thing that happened to Bella.
    “A friend gave it to me, she said taking my hand off her wrist and I looked at her.

    “A friend? Who? I asked.
    “My girlfriend so? Will you also use a wrist band that can be found anywhere to accuse me? She asked.

    “Of course I can’t do that. But I remember giving Love this, I replied taking it off her hand and put it on and it fit so perfectly.
    “This your girlfriend must have a big wrist Like mine, I said and looked at her and I noticed her leg shaking.

    “Please leave me alone for Christ sake, and if you don’t I will have to report you to the police, she said and I held her neck and brought out the dagger that was with me and she fearfully shook her head.
    “Love means so much to me and I don’t mind leaving this in your neck. What happened to Love? Speak! I shouted and she nodded.

    ‘Okay okay i’ll tell you please don’t kill me, she said and I released her and she rubbed her neck.
    “I am listening, I said sitting down as if nothing happened and watched her twisting her fingers.

    “Sorry about everything but it’s my fault though I don’t know where she is, she said.
    “What are you talking about? I asked and she began to scratch her head crying.

    TO Be Continued.

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