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“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 23)
“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 23)

“The Pastor’s Daughter” Story By Playloaded.

    👫💞 The Pastor’s Daughter Episode 23:

    We arrived the place at the early hours of the next day but the place was too classy to be a drug place and I placed a call to the other guys just incase the wounded guy gave us a wrong address.
    “He’s dead, not our fault though but he wasted time to talk to us and lost enough blood, my pal said and I closed my eyes and dropped the call.
    “You been expect the place to look like your village kitchen before? My friend beside me asked.

    “The problem is how are we going to enter this place? Any mistake we are dead o, this place too big, I Replied.
    “What should we do now? See as we don reach promise land but we no fit enter, wahala no dey ever finish, the other guy said.

    “Let’s involve the police, I said.
    “You say? Involve wetin? One asked.

    “Listen to me, we are not going to tell them everything. But if we Can give them just a little hint that something is going on there so we can enter with them. We have to do something, so let’s go find a station, I replied and since I was driving I started the engine not waiting to hear what they will say.
    We got to a station and laid the complain though we didn’t tell them everything,
    “How did you know about this? A police man asked.

    “One of them escaped, but sadly he’s dead before we got here, excess drugs killed him and they told us a huge number of drugs will leave this night, I replied even though the late guy never said such thing.
    “Are you sure about this information? That building is a shopping mall that sells things very cheap for the people and it can’t be open by this time, another police man said.

    “Have you checked the back? There’s another building there right or is it residential? I asked and they just looked at me.
    “You better be sure about this though we are only going to check just to confirm, one said.

    ‘You don’t believe us? We traveled all night to come here just for something that is not true? I asked.
    “We have to confirm this allegation, another replied.

    “And what if you get killed? You think they will let you go after checking out? One of my pal asked.
    “Fine we’ll go check it out prepared, but you better be sure about this, one replied and made a phone call and I turned to my friends.

    “What do you think? I asked.
    “They don’t look serious to me. But since they say its a shopping mall even though there’s no signboard indicating that, we’ll go in when the place is open, he replied and the man was done with his call.

    “Our big man has to come and then action will be taken, he said.
    “Can we come also? I asked.

    “No and thanks for the information, he replied and I nodded.
    “Thanks too and please be fast about it, I said and we left the station.

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    “I don’t trust him, I said while driving back to the place.
    “I no dey ever trust them so am not surprised, one said and I checked the time to see it was 6a.m.

    We parked opposite the mall some distance and I saw my friends dozing off,
    “No try am o, na me suppose sleep, I said to them.
    “No be you dey fight for your woman, yeye boy, one said and I laughed hitting the steering very impatient.

    “But this people get sense sha, we fit enter buy some cheap stuff before operation, one joked.
    “Na me for kill you, I said and saw the guy with the one eye leaving the gate in a hurry.

    ‘That’s one of them! I shouted and drove immediately towards him while my guys opened up and threw him inside and drove off where it was clear.
    “Ssshhh calm down before we go comot this other eye. Just behave like a good boy, one of my friend said tapping his cheek.

    “What do you want? He asked.
    “Wetin dey go on there? Nah never mind because we sabi but we wan apply, space dey? My pal asked.

    “In the mall? The guy asked.
    ‘You know what am talking about, he replied.

    “That is a shopping mall or don’t you know? The one eye guy asked and we smiled and brought out a pen knife.
    “I been hear say na girl chuck this Eye, make I help her complete am? My friend said taking the knife close to his eye and he shouted breathing hard.

    “Okay okay, but how did you know? He asked.
    “Because we been visit Una for your vacation ground and two of your friends don kpai. Okay we no get time for super story so you go take us in or not? My friend replied.

    “You’ll die, they will kill you! the one eye guy replied.
    “That one no concern your one eye, you go give us entrance to the gate in or out? I asked.

    “Fine, but you will die bastard! he Shouted and my friend touched him on the head.
    “Good boy. Oya Mozzy drive, my pal said and I returned back to the place and my friends had their guns ready as I horned on the gate.

    “They won’t open that way, horn three times in bits, that’s our sign, the one eye guy said when my friend pointed a gun on his head and I did that. The gate opened and we sat down well,
    “Who are they? The gateman asked.

    “Boss wants to see them, the one eye guy replied and he opened up well for us to drive in.
    “Go straight that way don’t stop, The guy said and we passed the mall and saw another gate which I horned in bits and it opened again.

    The gateman attempted to look into the car but my pal who sat close to the door drew his head through the window and knocked him out.
    “You will still die! The one eye guy said and the other hit him a pistol on his head knocking him off too and we drove in and parked well.
    The guys we saw outside saw the strange car and their faces were not good. We didn’t give them a chance, we began to drop them one after the other and the whole place turned to a battle field…..



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