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“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 24)
“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 24)

“The Pastor’s Daughter” Story By Playloaded.

    👫💞 The Pastor’s Daughter Episode 24:

    Men were coming out to meet us while we took cover somewhere clearing them but sadly our ammunition got finished yet the guys were coming out in numbers.
    We surrendered and a guy on mask came to us as they surrounded us with guns,
    “Who are you? He asked.
    “Us? We came to apply for job o, my pal replied and he nodded.

    “Take them inside! They commanded but two of my friends were bleeding; one on the leg and the other on his hand.
    “Who else knows you’re here? The boss asked when we got inside.

    “Just us, I replied.
    “How did you know this place? The boss asked.

    “Well we came to buy something and we decided to look around, I replied and he slapped me.
    “Boss, I think they passed through Tolu. We found him in the car dead, a guy reported.

    “Tolu was here? What was he doing here when I asked him not to show his face here? The boss asked.
    “He came here last night, but you were busy with the operation, the guy replied.

    “So he was the one who did it? The boss angrily asked folding his fist and released it on me.
    “Take them! They are lucky I have a pressing issue to attend to, I’ll get back to them, the boss said and the guys quickly lifted us as we were forced to kneel and dragged us away and locked us in a room.

    I quickly tore my shirt to tie it on the wounded guys to stop the bleeding,
    “I am so sorry it turned out this way, I apologized to them.
    “No bother yourself at least they don carry us enter inside, the guy shot on the leg said.

    “Its just a scratch though, I said tapping him when I was done tying him while the other guy attended to the one shot on the hand.
    “I have to bring out the bullet, The guy said bringing out a knife.

    “Bring am out fast abeg I don die with pains, the wounded guy said breathing hard and my pal signalled me to hold him which I did and he removed the bullet from him and I tied the place.
    The door opened after some minutes and a guy walked in and quickly closed the door behind.
    “See as person dey come die o, my pal said as we sat down looking at him and he slowly came to us and stood facing the one shot on the hand.

    “You don’t remember me? The guy asked while my friend was just looking at him.
    “You sabi am? I asked very interested and the guy shot on the hand hissed indicating they know each other.

    “Ahhhh you still dey hiss? I no go bother ask how una take know but guy comot us from here, my pal said.
    “Wetin carry Una come here sef? Una wan die? The guy asked.

    “No time to answer, how we wan take comot? I asked.
    “Some guys dey weak sha and the boss head don dey knock because his babe take overdose and he dey fear, the guy replied and I held him.

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    “Love? Is it Love? I asked and he nodded.
    “You sabi am? He asked.

    “Take us to her please, I replied and he took my hands from his body.
    ‘E be like you don dey craze, he said and I paced around.

    “Just give us gun and open door for us. Forget the rest we go handle am, the one shot on the hand said and he looked at us carefully and left the room without saying anything to us.

    I can’t tell how long we stayed there but we began to hear gun shots outside and we stood up confused.
    “See rapture don come o, my friend said as we could not see the outside and the door opened which the guy who earlier talked to us walked in with guns and threw it on us.
    “Wetin the happen? The one shot on the leg asked while I checked the bullets.

    “Police and army o, the guy replied.
    “Take me to Love please, I said holding him and he put his hand in his pocket and gave us nose masks.

    “Use am disguise small since the guys eyes don red. Una go fit manage? He asked the ones wounded and they nodded And that was how we left the room.
    The guys didn’t bother to look at us because there is fire on the mountain, but the few who noticed we used our hands on them while the insider took us to the clinic they had and I brought down whoever I saw there with my eyes red and rushed in to see Love lying down on the bed there.

    “Love, Love! I shouted shaking her and one of my friend checked if she was still alive.
    “She still dey breathe small, He said and the one who was checking out for us signalled us that someone Was coming and we began to shoot.
    It was the boss who was coming for her with some guys but since we opened fire he escaped.

    At a point we didn’t hear gun sounds anymore and I carried Love outside as we dropped our guns behind and behaved as good guys.
    “Stop there! An army man shouted on us and my friends raised their hands up and a police man recognized us.
    “What are you doing here? Are you with them? He asked us.

    “We cant be with them and still report. We had to risk it to save a friend because we thought you didn’t believe us. Please help her I beg you, and the boss he escaped, I replied.
    “Where? The army man shouted and ran in with some men and the police led us to the car so Love can be rushed to the hospital.

    TO Be Continued.

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