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“Caught Him on Camera” – Lady Who Entered Her Kids’ Room at 3 Am Shares What She Found Her Husband Doing
“Caught Him on Camera” – Lady Who Entered Her Kids’ Room at 3 Am Shares What She Found Her Husband Doing

    In a now-viral video, a Nigerian lady going by the handle @abynaturals shows what she saw her husband doing in their kids’ room at three in the morning.

    The heartwarming video depicts the father and spouse praying first thing each day at three in the morning.

    The woman claimed that one morning, when she woke up at four in the morning, she saw her husband praying in the sitting room, and that was when she learned of his nightly habit.

    She was so grateful that she started crying when she saw how much he cared for the family’s welfare.

    In a touching video, the husband can be seen kneeling in the kids’ room and fervently praying for the kids’ protection and continuing blessings.

    In addition to her husband’s night prayers, @abynaturals highlighted that her husband’s commitment goes beyond love and godliness in their marriage.

    She related how he always gives his kids a blessing at night and is involved in their lives—he even makes sure their school uniforms are ironed every day.

    the lady wrote;

    “My Husband Sleeps and wakes up at 3 am to pray Every Night! Once he is done with his prayers He Enters the kid’s room to pray for them. This particular day I woke up at 4:00 am and saw him praying in the sitting room.

    “I went to the kitchen to check something and went back to my room. Only to come out at 4 am and meet him praying for the kids as usual. I shed a tear.

    “To how blessed I am to have this man as Mine! I for the first time recorded him doing this, and watching this video shows how blessed I am. Every day he lays his hands on our heads and prays for us in our sleep. He drills us in the place of prayers, and I’m strengthened each passing day!

    “God is still in the business of giving his children the best sons! And YES Godly men and Marriages still exist. I’m grateful to be living in one. He still ensures his kids wear ironed uniforms to school everyday! THANK YOU JESUS! For This Precious Gift.”

    “When I say I’m Blessed, I mean I’m Blessed not with money only, but with the Gift of Men! Honestly speaking I don’t think I’d be where I am today if I’d missed the part of marrying this Amazing man! Our Journey in marriage has consistently shown me that not all that glitters is gold.

    “Because if I had looked at his very past, I’d have never gotten married to him! But today, God has Blessed us! I pray each passing day that singles get to marry their own spouse and experience the joy in a peaceful home. This man has been my rock, my priest, my peace, my joy, my laughter, my happiness, and my Love for the past 11 years of being together. Married for 6plus years now.

    “He Makes Marriage, so easy! Aby Naturals would have NEVER Gotten here if not for his constant push and support! Dear Hubby, I’ll do this life with you over and over again! I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH..P.S.: He Never even knew I was there talk more of recording him. And he doesn’t even know about this video until he sees it later on,” her video caption reads.

    Netizens Reactions…
    @manjeri5 said; “Mine can’t even pray for food.”

    @Oluwapemisire said; “You will not lose him in Jesus’ name.”

    @Tolu reacted: “Sisters, this is to let you know that God still has Sons. regardless of what is happening around us.”

    @Empress reacted; “My mum and dad always did this but I give kudos more to my mom that woman no dey sleep she would stay up all night to pray for us.”

    @shielah reacted; “I decree and declare that my husband is going to be just like that in Jesus mighty name. Amen.”


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