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Governor Mutfwang Highlights Achievements, Future Goals for Plateau State at Media Parley
Governor Mutfwang Highlights Achievements, Future Goals for Plateau State at Media Parley

Governor Caleb Mutfwang reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to transforming Plateau State.

    In a recent media parley held in Jos, Governor Caleb Mutfwang reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to transforming Plateau State into a beacon of prosperity and stability. Addressing journalists, Mutfwang outlined his administration’s extensive efforts to rebuild and lay a solid foundation for the state’s future, emphasizing that the ultimate goal is to make Plateau better than it was found.

    “We have no other agenda than to make Plateau better than we met it,” the governor stated. “We are focused on rebuilding the foundations that have been destroyed and laying new ones for the future Plateau we aspire towards.”

    Governor Mutfwang acknowledged the stark realities reflected in various indices. “Whether it’s the poverty index or educational performance, Plateau State is below average,” he said, noting the state’s position of 29th out of 36 in several key metrics. “This should not be our story. Plateau’s story can be better, and we are determined to make it so.”

    The governor expressed gratitude to the people of Plateau for their support and appreciation of his administration’s efforts. “We are not relaxing,” he assured. “We are determined to do more than what people have seen. We want to build a safe, peaceful, resilient, and prosperous Plateau that will become the pride of Nigeria.”

    In discussing the security challenges, Governor Mutfwang highlighted the obstacles posed by the federal structure of Nigeria’s security apparatus. He emphasized that despite being the chief security officers of their states, governors do not command troops directly. “Directives have to come from Abuja, which complicates the response to local security challenges,” he explained.

    Reflecting on the recent history, Mutfwang recalled the terror unleashed on Mangu and Bokkos three weeks before his inauguration. Despite efforts to contain the violence, sporadic attacks continued, culminating in the tragic events of December 24-26. “It’s a painful episode I cannot forget,” he lamented. However, he praised the support from President Tinubu and the vice president, which led to increased military engagement.

    Mutfwang emphasized the importance of community resilience and intra- and inter-community relations in reducing criminal activities. “Today, we can say there is relative peace on the Plateau,” he noted, while cautioning that more work remains. “We will continue to bring out strategies to contain and forestall challenges.”

    Governor Mutfwang detailed his administration’s ambitious plans for economic development, focusing on agriculture, tourism, and mining.

    The governor announced the division of Plateau State into three agricultural zones, each specializing in different crops such as rice, yam, palm oil, Irish potatoes, maize, and fonio (acha). He stressed the importance of meeting international standards in food production to boost exports. “We are committed to reducing post-harvest losses and enhancing marketing opportunities through initiatives like the Plateau Commodities Market Company.”

    Mutfwang highlighted the state’s rich tourism potential, mentioning sites like Wase Rock, Pandam Game Reserve, Asop Falls, Jos Wildlife Park, and the Jos Museum. He outlined plans to revive these attractions through private sector partnerships. “We aim to make tourism a significant economic driver,” he said, adding that the revival of the Jos Wildlife Park is a legacy project.

    Describing mining as another crucial sector, Mutfwang noted that the mineral wealth of Plateau State remains largely untapped. “We need to create an enabling environment for investors,” he said, emphasizing the importance of benefiting the local population and tackling illegal mining activities.

    Governor Mutfwang also addressed transportation, revealing the revitalization of the transport sector and the introduction of CNG metro buses. He mentioned ongoing efforts to improve urban transportation and the recent successful launch of a train service. “We are also pursuing the dualization of major roads and seeking federal cooperation to enhance connectivity.”

    Mrs. Ayuku Pwaspo, the first female elected Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Plateau State Council, commended Governor Mutfwang for his transformative agenda. She appreciated his media-friendly disposition and the administration’s achievements, particularly in road infrastructure, urban renewal, and security.

    “We congratulate you on the first-year anniversary of your administration and commend your efforts to turn around the fortunes of the state,” Pwaspo said. She also highlighted the need for continued support to state-owned media organizations and the completion of the NUJ House project, which will serve as a revenue source for the council.

    Governor Mutfwang concluded by reaffirming his vision for a self-sufficient and prosperous Plateau State. “We aim to build an economy that is sustainable beyond oil revenue,” he stated, outlining plans for an agro-processing zone funded by the African Development Bank and the potential transformation of the state’s airport into a cargo hub for exports.

    “We have made significant progress, but we still have a long way to go,” he said. “With continued support and concerted efforts, I believe we will realize not just the Nigeria of our dreams, but Plateau will be a major contributor to making that dream a reality.”

    As Plateau State moves forward under Governor Mutfwang’s leadership, the focus remains on security, economic development, and community engagement, with the ultimate goal of creating a better future for all Plateau citizens.


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