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Story: “Hasty Decision” (Episode 7)
Story: “Hasty Decision” (Episode 7)

Story: “Hasty Decision” (Episode 7) - A Must Read!!!

    I had met Henry shortly later when he came to Lagos from Ibadan to visit his grandma who stayed in my neighborhood. He was also waiting for his posting letter.

    The entire time he spent with her brought us closer and the relationship started sooner and to my surprise, he was posted to Kano but I never told him anything about Felix.

    I remember the day he had asked me to speak with his best friend on the phone…. when I heard the name and the voice, I knew it was Felix. Perhaps he knew too, but we spoke as if we never knew each other…..
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    “Baby, hurry up, you are taking too much time!”

    Henry’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts then I remembered I have not even used soap or a sponge.

    “A minute please….” I shouted back, grabbing the towel, I could use the soap later in the night. I shouldn’t keep my husband waiting.
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    *Hours later*

    “So, hope my friend has been taking good care of you?”

    I watched the lady nod with a smile as Henry threw the question.

    We had gone to meet Felix at a restaurant and the girl was not what I expected, she was really pretty, thin and exceptionally fair. She looked like all those super models and her hair was almost reaching her butt and occasionally, she would rub her hand over Felix’s chest.

    “So how long have you two been married.” The lady, whose name I forgot, asked.

    “Three months now.” Henry said proudly, kissing me on the cheek.

    “Was Felix at your wedding?”

    “No babe. I wasn’t, I travelled shortly before their introduction and got back two weeks after the marriage.” Felix replied, lifting a cup to his lips.

    “That was too bad baby. You could have tried to make it on time.”

    “Don’t mind him Lucy, he is so useless.” Henry replied, but Felix only laughed.

    “I tried to come I just couldn’t” Felix replied, throwing me a ‘you-should-know-why’ look but I looked away instantly. I really hoped this guy would not mess things up for me.

    “You are such a beautiful couple, and still so young.” The girl, urm, Lucy, said before standing up. “You will have to excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom.”

    Felix pulled back her seat while she kissed him on the cheek, then she walked to one of the waiters who pointed a direction to her.
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    “So, is she our Mrs Right?” Henry asked teasingly.

    “God forbids bad thing. She is more of mrs left. Henry, how can you ask such a dumb question?” Felix said disappointedly but my husband only laughed, squeezing my hand.

    “Where did you meet?” asked Henry.

    “In a plan I boarded to Accra last week.” Felix replied.

    Henry wanted to speak but his phone rang, he brought the phone out and stood up. “Excuse me guys, it is one of my investors.”

    “Okay love.” I finally spoke and watched him leave, holding the phone to his cheek.

    Thank God! Finally!

    “How are you doing Tola?” Felix asked, attempting to hold my hand which was on the table but I took my hand away.

    “Get a grip of yourself na. Your girlfriend will be here any minute and so will my husband.” I said firmly. “So about Benita….”

    “Oh yea..I’m sorry, I couldn’t get anything from anyone, I lost many people’s contact when I travelled and the few I have don’t really remember.

    They keep asking me to ask Henry since, he was the teacher of her class then. So , Tola, you need to ask him.”

    My heart sank. “I cannot ask him felix!”

    “Why not?”

    “Because I am sure he will deny it and not only that, he will know I am suspecting him and that will destroy my marriage. He has been nothing but nice and supportive to me!”

    “But what if that is part of the cover-up?” Felix snapped at him.

    I sighed, arms akimbo.

    “I am so confused Felix. How do I even ask him?”

    Felix smiled and leaned forward. “You always look so beautiful when worried.”

    I scoffed but said nothing. He used to tell me that while we were together and now, it was like ….wait….. am I missing all the time I spent with him?

    “You should have waited for us to patch things up. Maybe all these nonsense would not have happened to you!” He said, giving me that look…

    “You should not have cheated on me!”

    “You know you never gave me the chance to apologise or to even explain myself.”

    “Does it matter now?”

    “Yes, it does, though it is just about 2 years but it still does. You blocked me everywhere, I couldn’t find you because of NYSC and the only time I thought of coming back to lagos to find you and then go back to Kano, I found out my friend was dating you! How could you have left and forgotten me so quickly. We were so good together. I never disturbed you about sex, I was willing to wait. I waited….”

    “Then you cheated…” I snapped again, my emotions were building and my voice was quavering.

    He was looking frustrated already. “Yes, I did, I am not perfect. I swear I didn’t mean to but it wasn’t easy babe! That was the one time and you could have just forgiven me and we could have moved on. We were so close and so in love…and you just threw that up within two months!”

    “No! You threw that up when you cheated not me!” I snapped back, lowering my voice, my heart was beating so fast and all the emotions I had buried all the while started finding their way back…”Maybe if you haven’t cheated, I would never have met Henry and all these might not have ….

    “So sorry I’m late babe.” Henry’s voice sounded behind me as he kissed me on the neck before sitting down. I faked a smile and turned my head to the other side so he would not see the tear in my left eye. I desperately hoped he didn’t hear me.

    “Hey…what did I miss…?” Lucy said as she approached the table but then stopped as she sighted me. “Oh my God! What happened? Your eyes look….”

    “A fly entered my eye so, I’m trying to remove it.” I lied, cleaning my eyes with my handky.

    “Okay, Sorry.” She took a seat. ‘Did you miss me love?” She asked Felix who nodded with a smile and then they embraced while I averted my gaze…..
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    Hello dear readers….I am Tola, Henry’s wife…Thanks for reading my story, now I need your help. I am so confused right now, I do not know what to do….do you think I should ask my husband who Benita is?

    “Hasty Decision” continues after your comment……

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