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“An Eye for an Eye” (Episode 3)
“An Eye for an Eye” (Episode 3)

An Eye For An Eye Story By John Adesogan

    🤦  Episode THREE:


    While I was still handcuffed to the pole, the policemen used cane to draw map on my back and bum bum. You know that kind of long flexible whip that when it lands on your mid section, it will coil round your waist….I don’t even have the best words to explain. The whip left scars like when someone is wearing plenty beads around his waist.

    Alhaji stood and enjoyed the show for some time before he left. I could see the satisfaction on his face as I screamed in pain. It must have been a very fulfilling sight to behold. Wickedness dey this world o.

    Each time the police men flogged me, they would scream “I said where is the phone?” “If you don’t confess now, I will press this iron on your face”….then he would take the hot iron close to my face so that I would feel the heat. I have never been that afraid in my entire life.

    It got to a point that I couldn’t stand the brutality again. Do you know that feeling when you’re being flogged but you can’t use your hand to rub the spot that the cane landed on your skin to ease the pain? All you can do is scream and scream. The torture got to a level that I wanted to admit what I didn’t do. I just wanted that flogging phase to end. So, an idea came and I told them to wait that I would confess.

    Then I asked them “Sir, there were two other guys whose names were mentioned (Tunde and Simo, the Ghanian brother), why am I the only one Brought here and tortured mercilessly?”
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    Police Man: Because you’re the prime suspect. Everyone said you were the one that took the phone.

    And the flogging and screaming continued…

    At that point, I realised that the whole torture wasn’t about getting the missing phone back, because the money Alhaji used to invite policemen (plus the one he probably used to bribe them) was already more than the worth of the missing phone. It was about dealing with me. It was about putting me through pain. It was about executing the task Alhaji gave them.

    When they had flogged me to the point where I was no longer screaming, I guess they were afraid that I was about to give up (die), they stopped, removed the handcuff and left me on the floor for some time to catch my breath. Fortunately for me, they didn’t burn me with the hot iron, I guess it was just there to scare me.

    They later came back and handed me a sheet of paper and a pen that I should write a statement. They asked me to write whatever I know about the missing phone on the paper given to me.

    So, I narrated all that I knew and gave the paper back to the police man. He was shocked to see such a lengthy write up from a small boy. Out of curiosity to know the content of the statement, he quickly sat and read.. He then started asking me questions and saying things like “How old are you that you write so well?” “Obviously, you’re intelligent, why did you get yourself into this mess?”. I didn’t even say a word.

    Na so God help me oo, the man became soft and stopped bullying me. He started explaining to me that the report given to them added up, and pointed me out as the culprit. He said Alhaji and Auntie hook up told them that I took the phone, ran out of the house and went to hide it, so they must be firm if they want me to confess.

    After some time, I was locked inside a smelly, dark room. It had no window but the door was made of metals, like burglary. Na there small breeze they follow enter the cell. There was one guy there already. I don’t know who he was or how he landed in the police cell.
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    When Auntie Seun got back from work (I guess someone narrated all that transpired to her), she rushed to the police station to see me. When she saw the condition I was in, she bursted into tears. Amidst tears, she began to plead with the police men on the counter to have mercy and let me go but they ignored her. They only told her to hurry and get out at once! She also brought me food. She asked me what I know about the phone and I told her the truth; “I am innocent!”

    People of God, like play, like play, I slept in the police cell oo, I ate the food inside that smelly place, urine everywhere on the floor. I even wanted to starve myself so that I would die and everything would end, but I knew I needed to survive because there’s an important mission that I was yet to accomplish…REVENGE!
    Revenge was my driving force for survival.

    With my head bowed in the cell, I thought to myself “Everyone who made me go through this pain must pay….EYE FOR EYE, BLOOD FOR BLOOD!”

    The following morning (my second day in the police cell), when I wanted to pee, the police men first insulted me and called me a thief before they finally gave me a container to do it, then they opened the cell and one of them followed me across the road to pour it away, with handcuffs on my hands oo.
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    Around mid-day, I saw Simo (Ghanian guy) arriving the police station alongside his parents and some of the policemen that arrested me. They had gone to arrest him too. But I didn’t see Tunde (The third suspect that came to borrow matches from me).

    The police man told Simo and I that he had tried begging Alhaji, that he insisted that we must produce the phone or give him money equivalent to buy a new one of the same type. Hmmm, Imagine wickedness oo, even after all the torture, I go still pay for the phone.

    Do you even know the type of phone that I almost got beaten to death for?

    It was yellow face Nokia (Nokia 1100) 😁😁😃. One old Nokia like that, that one that has snake game. I browsed the picture of the phone, I’ll attach the picture.

    As at that time, a brand new Nokia 1100 was worth up to 7 thousand naira. Though Naira still had value then, 7 thousand naira was a lot of money. My father’s salary then was less than 20 thousand naira, meanwhile, he was a civil servant. That should give you a clue to the worth of 7 thousand naira then.

    Unfortunately, Alhaji claimed he bought it for 9 thousand naira, so 3 of us must pay three thousand naira each.

    Find out how things played out in the next episode after your comments✌️


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