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“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 14)
“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 14)

“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 14) - A Must Read!

    I was having my bath under the shower head when a hand on my back startled me and I jumped and turned around to find Uju n@ked. She squeezed herself into the shower and placed her hand on my chest with luustful look in her eyes. I glared at her. It was obvious that this girl was desperate to get l@id and I’ll definitely not fall this time.

    “Uju, get out!” I stated firmly but she only stood there pretending not to hear my barking.

    I batted her hand away. “Fine, you can keep it for yourself.” I said, turned off the shower and walked out. When she tried to follow me, begging profusely, I turned sharply to glare at her and that made her halt in fear. I walked into the room, grabbed clean clothes, slipped them out and left the house. I didn’t plan to return until it was night. I didn’t know where I’d go to but I just didn’t care. All I wanted, was to be as far away from Uju as I could. I got into my car and drove out.

    I was frustrated. What kind of man was this? I had attempted three times to seduuce him and get him to sleep with me but all my plans hadn’t fallen through. He was just too stubborn. No man had been able to resist me before, so it baffled me how Chris was able to get away everytime I tried. I almost had him yesterday. I had enjoyed what I did on him and just when I thought that he would give me what I want, he ended up dashing my hopes. I couldn’t go a week without having s£x or I would lose my sanity. Nobody knew this but Chris’ father had actually had a heart attack and died on me when I had forced the old man to go on a third bout of s3x without even resting.

    Well, after he was buried, I had been so h0rny that I had secretly snuck to the bush did a quickie with a former boyfriend of mine who was in the village. I had thought Chris would perform better than his father did but the guy has refused to be swayed. As I walked back into the room and slumped down on the bed on my back, I stared at the ceiling, wondering what to do next? Was I not attractive enough? Even though I was his step mother, I knew that I was still hot and young so why was he avoiding me like a plague. I had even thought that now that aunty Victoria was out of the way that he would want me more but things had only gotten worse.

    I was still trying to plot a new seduuction tactic when I heard a sound outside through the window. I got up from the bed and walked to the window and I saw the gate man, Effiong, washing in a bending position and whistling a tune to himself. An idea struck me and I knew that this was my ticket out of my frustration. If I could just satisfy myself before Chris returned, then he didn’t have to know. There was no time to dress so I quickly grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my body and went down the stairs. As soon as I stepped out of the house, I paused in the porch and called out,

    “Effiong!” At first, he didn’t seem to hear me and when I called him again, he straightened up and removed the ear piece from his ear with a sud-covered hand.

    “Ehn, small madam?” He answered, still holding the shirt that he was washing and the soap water from it dripped into the bucket.

    I frowned. “What do you mean by small madam? Na who come be the big madam?”

    He smiled, “Na aunty Victoria na. She be big madam o.”

    I hissed and snapped. “Come here my friend! Come help me do something.”

    “Madam, na wetin be that?” He released the shirt and it dropped back into the bucket.

    “Just come first na…” I persuaded him then walked back into the house.

    He rinsed his hands in a clean bucket of water, wiped them against the sides of his trousers before he plodded to the house to meet me. By the time he came in, I was lying on the couch with one hand against my forehead and the other across my stomach while I pretended to focus on watching African Magic Igbo.

    “Ehen, madam, I don come, wetin you want make I do? (Madam, I’m here, what do you want me to do?)” He asked me, looking around the floor to find if I had any work for him or I probably wanted him to wash my clothes.

    “Sidown. (Sit down)” I gestured at the end of the couch with my mouth and he glanced down at it and gave me a confused look. When he hesitated, i added, “You no dey hear word, I say sidown! (Are you deaf? I said sit down!)” Reluctantly, he sat down and I instructed him. “Dress small come near me. (Sit closer to me.)” When he yet hesitantly obeyed, I lifted one of my legs and placed it on his lap. “Oya dey rub my leg. E don dey pain me since yesterday. Help me massage am small. (Start rubbing my leg. I have been feeling pains there since yesterday. Help me massage it a bit.)”

    “But madam, wey Robb?” He asked.

    “You no need Robb. Use your hand na. (You don’t need Robb, use your hands.)” I told him.

    He began to massage my leg, pressing around the shin with two fingers while I pretended to be in slight discomfort. “Oya, go up small (Now, go up a bit).” I directed him.

    He gave me a surprised look. “Madam-” he started to protest but I cut him off.

    “Wetin dey do you sef? Na woman lap you never see before? Abeg, massage my lap. (What’s actually wrong with you? Is it a woman’s lap that you have never seen before? Please, massage my lap!)

    His hand hesitantly but gently went up under my towel to my warm lap and I sighed, smiling within myself. He began to massage my lap and I saw him feeling uncomfortable. I opened my laps to give him access then directed him to move up higher. He suddenly stopped at one point.

    “Na wetin happen? (What is it?)” I asked when I noticed that he had stopped massaging my thighhs and was now tensed.

    He started to slowly rise as he said, “Madam, I no know wetin you dey do but me no wan enter trouble o. (Madam, I don’t know what you are up to but I don’t want to get in trouble.)”

    I forced him back down with my legs then took his hand and pushed it under my towel. “No worry, Oga no go know, just touch am. Abi you think say I no know say you like me? (Don’t worry, the boss will not find out or do you think that I don’t know that you like me?)”

    After I pressurized him the more, he later succumbed to what I wanted and he did it quite well. After he was done, left immediately but I knew that I was well satisfied. But still thinking of the way to capture Chris and if he does not heed to my desires, I will take it to the person that knows how to do it well.

    I had returned with a call girl later in the evening and when I called out to my wife and only silence greeted me, I grew angry thinking that she was ignoring me. In anger, I dashed up the stairs, ready to give her another black eye when I noticed that the closet door was open. When I checked and discovered that most of her clothes, shoes and other accessories were gone, I dashed to my wardrobe to check the money I had kept in the brief case and was shocked and enraged when I saw several empty spots which meant that she had stolen my money. Fuming, I dashed down the stairs. The call girl got up to ask what was wrong but I shoved her aside, dashed out of the house, got into my car and sped off.

    Now, I was standing in front of Victoria’s parents’ house waiting for them to come out since I had ordered the son to call them. Victoria’s father was the first to appear and was soon joined by the mother.

    “My son, what’s wrong? I told Emmanuel to tell you to come in but he said that you refused. Is something the matter?” He asked me.

    “Where’s your daughter?” I spat and he exchanged confused glances with his wife.

    “Ahan, in-law, what kind of question is that? Weren’t you the one who came to pick her up in the morning?”

    “Well, I left your daughter in the house and went out but before I returned, she was gone! Gone! Not only did she run away like the cheap wh@re she is, she also stole my money! One million naira!” I spat angrily.

    “Ehhhhhhhh!” Victoria’s mother wailed, placing her hands on her head. “Run kwa? Where to?”

    “Well, I should be asking you, after all, she’s your daughter!”

    “My son…” Began the father. “Victoria did not come here. Since you left with her, we haven’t seen her.”

    “I don’t care! I didn’t come here to banter words with you people. I actually came here to tell you that the marriage is off!” Her mother wailed the more. “I am no longer interested in her! I have put up with her rubbish for so long that I have had enough! From henceforth, we are no longer in-laws! Despite everything I have done for you people, you did not only give me a wh0re for a wife, you also gave me a thief! A criminal!”

    “My in-law,” her mother began imploringly. “Bikonunu, it hasn’t come to that. I’m sure that Adanna didn’t mean to do that. Maybe she just borrowed the money to do something important! Please, you’ll see that she will return to you today.”

    “Shut up your mouth!” I snapped and I could see shock register on both their faces. “How am I sure that you didn’t connive with her to rob me, you greedy hungry fools! If I set my eyes on Victoria, that b!tch of a daughter, I’ll make sure she spends the rest of her life in jail! As for you two!” I pointed at both of them with my car key. “I give you one month to produce my one million naira and also pack out of this house or you’ll have yourself to blame!”

    “My in-law, please, it hasn’t gotten to that, please.” Her father began to plead. “You can’t kick us out, where will we go? Who will continue paying my children’s school fees in the university, please. I’m sure that there’s a mistake somewhere, my daughter does not steal, we didn’t bring her up that way, eh, please my in-law, consider us.”

    I ignored him and walked to my car, as I got in, I saw Victoria’s mother throw herself on the ground, wailing and crying then she pointed up at the sky and began to curse. “Ha Adanna! Anywhere you are right now, it shall never be well with you! It shall never be well with you for doing this to us!” Then she placed her hands on top of her head with her chin touching her chest and cried. “Chimoooo! Chimoooo oooo! Who have I offended? Who have I offended?” She asked the sky. “Why did Adanna do this to us? Why?!”

    Her father said nothing but simply folded his arms on his chest with his shoulders hunched while he looked helpless, pensive and serious as they watched me drive away in despair but I didn’t care, I was tired of their b!tch of a daughter anyway and I was tired of this greedy money-draining family.

    To Be Continued….. Watch out for Episode 15….


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