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“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 19)
“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 19)

“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 19) - A Must Read!


    I brought Victoria to my house that night. I went to the kitchen, cooked simple meal for both of us and ate at the dinning table quietly.

    I watched her in silence as she was eating enjoying the meal. Though, she knew I was looking at her. After the meal. She cleared the table and washed the dishes, came back to the living room where she sat on a couch and we started the discussion.

    I finally asked as I watched her fingers,

    “Your ring, where is it?”

    She hesitated before she answered. “Last time I checked, I threw it into the sink. Daniel must have found it.”

    “So you finally decided to leave him, why?” I pressed.

    I felt her tensed up and she lowered her head before she murmured. “I don’t think I want to let anyone know what he did to me.”

    I ran a knuckle down the back of her head to her hand said in a soft reassuring voice. “You know I won’t judge you.”

    “I know, but all the same, it’s not a topic to be discussed.”

    I paused for a second as I tried to decipher what she could probably be so uncomfortable about. “Wait, did he maim you?

    She remained silent for a moment then sighed. “He raped me… anally.” I could feel her when she felt more tensed as if bracing herself for my reaction.

    “He did what?” I frowned in confusion.

    “Well, he has always wanted it and I have always refused. He finally found an excuse to take it by force after I left you.” She said to me.

    “But V, why did it take you this long to make up your mind? I have seen that man disrespect you in public and I’m sure he does worse to you in private, why didn’t you abandon him since?”

    “My parents…” She said now, leaning the back of her head on my shoulder. “They drove me into this. They are supposed to stand up for me in ways that I couldn’t for myself but yet, according to them, Daniel could never do wrong in their sight. He was the perfect son in-law and their meal-ticket.”

    “So you mean that your parents practically turned a blind eye to your plight for material and financial benefits?”

    “They told me marriage was for better or for worse…” She said now in a distant voice as she blankly stared up at nothing as if drifting into a personal flashback. “They said a woman was supposed to accept or condone whatever injustice metted to her by her husband. They said a good woman never abandoned her home, not even for domestic abuse. They told me that a good woman would be the pillar of the house and while her husband went astray or became someone else, their duties were to get on their knees, pray fervently and fast till he come to his right senses. But when I asked them what the duty of a husband was, I was told that his sole God-given duty was to provide for the family and as long as he wasn’t shirking this responsibility, he was allowed to get away with anything including cheating. I was told there were temptations everywhere and men were prone to be victims of such temptations and as long as he didn’t marry a second wife, I could let him do whatever he wanted with other women out there, that, that was how it had always been since the time of our ancestors and that was how it was supposed to be. When I refused this notion, they told me that I was not a submissive wife and women like me tend to destroy my home faster.”

    “What’s the worst thing he has ever done to you besides dumping you on the road, helpless and in the middle of nowhere?”

    She hesitated as if trying to remember. “When he asked me to stand n@ked in the room so his younger brother could m@sturbate with my nuudity and…” she trailed off, too ashamed to finish her words.

    I held the edge of the couch tight so as to contain my growing anger. “Why would he do that?!” I was furious.

    “He told me that I should have known that I was also getting married to his family, not him alone. He did this to me a week after our wedding. His brother had come to spend the weekend with us then he took tramadol, probably expecting a girl. Unfortunately, the girl failed to show up and he was in severe agony since his ere#ction wouldn’t die down. They waited, hoping that the effect of the drug would wear off but after four hours of severe pain and no relief from his ere#ction, my brother-in-law began to howl in pain, rolling on his bed with his hand on the d1ick. They contemplated on going out to get a pr0stitute but he complained that he couldn’t wait for that long.

    Just then, my husband glanced at me and then told me to remove clothes. He said that p0rn0graphy would not stimulate him quickly the way a live person would. He ordered me again to take off my clothes and said that if anything happened to his brother, he would deal severely with me. I stood my ground and still refused, but when I tried to run out after he kept persisting, he grabbed me and tore my clothes off. Then giving his brother a jar of Vaseline and told me to stand in front of him. As his brother began to m@sturbate, I tried to cover my n@kedness with my arms but my husband removed them. He claimed that I should be glad that his brother was not touching but watching me instead.

    The brother wanked for almost twenty minutes but when he realized that he felt no sign of ej@culating, he told my husband that I would have to do more than just stand there and watch him. When my husband asked him what he wanted, he told my husband that he would release faster if I suc##ked him off. By this time, I was already trembling and sobbing, hoping that my husband would refuse such an outrageous request but my husband ordered me to get on the bed and suc##k his brother. When I refused, he simply walked out of the room and locked the door. His desperate brother who was anxious to get a relief from his agony suddenly grabbed me, forced me to su##ck him for like fifteen minutes, he still felt no relief then I could see how frustrated and agitated he was.

    Then he pulled closer to the door and called out to his brother in a quiet way. After trying three times and getting no reply and he was sure that his brother was not at the other side of the door, he suddenly attacked me and forced me on the bed. I screamed, fought, cried and begged but his desire for sex#ual relief was greater than his sense of reasoning and since I was already n@ked, it didn’t take him much effort to pry my thhighs open. He r@ped me. He had s#x with me for over forty five minutes and when he reached his clim@x, he simply ej@culated all over me in a demeaning manner. My hair, my face, my belly, my stomach, everywhere it could land, he let it fly with glee.

    Till today, you are the only one I have told. I never told Daniel. I don’t know if he knew but decided to stay quiet. Ever since his brother r@ped me, he lost respect for me. He treated me like crap, talked to me in any manner and treated me almost the same way Daniel treated me. She began to sob again and my heart went out to her. I could feel her pain and sorrow. Her body shook as she sobbed and I embraced her and consoled her without saying a word. I had a lot on my mind now but I didn’t want her to know what I was thinking about but I was already plotting ways on how to avenge her. Ways to make Daniel and his brother pay for everything they had ever done to Victoria.



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