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“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 11)
“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 11)

“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 11) - A Must Read!

    I knew that if I remained there any longer, I was bound to do something foolish. I didn’t find Uju attractive but damn, that girl knew how to make men fall into her trap if care is not taken I wondered if she was truly a village girl or if my father had truly met her a virgin like the elders had claimed. The way she was acting with me I knew instantly that this girl was out to get me at all cost. How she was so comfortable doing this to me when she knew that we were not alone not only surprised me but also baffled me.

    Before her hand would move around my body again, I caught it and flung it away and threw a glare at her over my shoulder. She gave me a puzzled look then tried to repeat the same thing but I stuck out a warning finger at her and whispered harshly, “Will you stop this nonsense?! What’s wrong with you?!” I tried to keep my voice down as best as I could so that I didn’t wake Victoria up.

    “Uju, don’t make me show you my other side this night! Are you a s£x freak?! Was this how you killed my father? Have you no shame? So this is why you came here, to seduce me right?”

    I yanked my hand away where she was directing it to immediately and hissed, “I can see that something is wrong with you. Aren’t you listening?” I was still whispering. “Read my lips, Uju, I-AM-NOT-INTERESTED!!!”

    “Go find someone else to satisfy your needs, all I know very well that I’m not going down the same tunnel my late father went through.” I spat.

    “I have had just enough of this nonsense…” I got up angrily and, got down the bed and moved around to the side where Victoria was sleeping. I tapped Victoria’s arm to wake her up This was definitely not easy but I was determined to make all her plans fall through. I tapped Victoria harder and as soon as she stirred, Uju quickly stopped what she was doing and composed herself.

    Victoria stared at me in a sleepy way, rubbed her eyes with her hand then looked up at me in confusion. “What’s it, is something wrong?”

    “Let’s go down to the living room.” I told her.

    “Why?” She yawned. “Is something wrong?”

    I glanced at uju who was glowering at me with such hatred in her eyes then said to Victoria. “Let’s just go.” I took her arm and helped her out of the bed. As she rose to her feet, she was unsteady and staggered forward, almost falling on me and sending me to the floor but I was quick to regain my stamina. All the sleep vanished from her eyes now as she noticed that.

    I sheepishly pursed my lips then glanced over her shoulder at Uju who was still glowering at me. “I’ll explain later.” I told her and she followed my gaze to stare over her shoulder at Uju. I placed a hand on the wall of her back and began to guide her out when Uju also got down the bed. I paused and gave her disgruntled look. “Where do you think you are going to?” I asked.

    She had her hands on her hips and began to bounce lightly on one foot. “You think you can fool me right? You want to take her away and leave me here.

    “Would you shut up?!” I snapped.

    Victoria glanced from me to her with a bemused look. “Wait, Chris, what’s going on?” She asked.

    “You want to know right?” Uju quickly jumped to answer, cutting me off before I could explain. “While you were there snoring away… Obim has been tapping current!”

    Victoria’s frown deepened. “What do you mean?”

    “What’s too hard to understand? I said Obim has been touching me all over my body.
    Victoria scoffed in disbelief and turned to me. “Please Chris, tell me that this is not true.”

    “Of course it is not! This thing here was trying to seduce me… I wonder how you could even sleep through all that.” I defended myself.

    Victoria gave me a look. “Don’t think you’ll get out of this easily.” She pointed a finger at me and I stayed quiet. She turned to look at Uju now then folded her arms under her chest as she said, “I don’t know what game you are playing, Uju, but it has gotten to the part where it stops!”

    “And who are you to tell me what to do in my own husband’s house?!” She took an intimidating step towards Victoria.

    “Jeez!” Victoria cried out. “He’s not even your husband! You are not even legally married!”

    “And you are? What are you doing here? Don’t you have a home to go to? Look at your finger, is that not a wedding ring?! It shows that you are married, so aunty, just respect yourself and go back to wherever you came from. As you see me so, I’m here to stay and any asunder fashioned between my Obim and I shall never prosper!”

    Victoria exchanged glances with me but I was too angry and frustrated to speak. “I’m not going to debate over this with you. It’s past midnight and normal people are supposed to be sleeping. I have better things to do than argue with a village idiot like you!” She snapped then turned towards the door.

    “Bia aunty….” Uju pulled her back by her arm, her face scrunched up in anger. “What did you just call me?!”

    “You heard me!” Victoria spat. “A village idiot!”

    As she attempted to lung at Victoria, I quickly got in between the two of them, protectively pushing Victoria to stand behind me while Uju desperately tried to scratch at her from the other side, raining insults on her in the igbo language.

    “Anofia! Anumpama! Why are you hiding? Come na, come let me beat the living daylights out of you?! You should be ashamed of yourself! Husband snatcher! You cheap pr@stitute. A married woman like you sleeping around outside her marriage! You have no dignity! EWU! (goat).”

    “Enough of this nonsense Uju!” I yelled and silenced her. “My life was going just perfect before you showed up and disrupted the peace! Listen and listen good, I’ll tolerate every other thing but you disrespecting Victoria in anyway! The next time you call her names, I’ll not hesitate to throw you out on the streets where you truly belong!”

    Uju was panting and she glared at us as I grabbed two pillows and quietly led Victoria out of the room. We went downstairs and had to place the pillows on the sitting room rug, switched on the TV and tuned in to CBS Reality to watch Cheaters. It didn’t take long before Victoria fell asleep

    As I was watching the television and changing from one channel to another I also felt restless, getting confused and angry at the same time recollecting everything that happened inside my bedroom. If I’m not careful, I will do something crazy to either Victoria that I truly love or Uju that is never going to stop all the rubbish she was doing with me inside my bedroom. After about two hours sitting there watching the stains which my mind was not focus on, I made up my mind, I rose and move back to my room since I know by now Uju would have left out of frustration and anger but I was wrong.

    I left Victoria where she was sleeping peacefully, grabbed a pillow and went back up stairs, leaving her in the sitting room. When I opened my door and stepped into my room, I paused, the room was dark and I was surprised to see a silhouette on my bed and I knew that it was definitely Uju. I was surprised that she was still in my room, I had been expecting that she would have angrily returned to her own room after I had left. I switched on the light, ready to send her out since I was in a foul mood but the words hung in my mouth when I realized that she was stark n@ked on my bed. She was partially lying on her stomach, facing the right side of the bed with both her arms used as a pillow. I knew then I was in trap and If I don’t leave immediately, the case would be a sorry one.

    This was not what I had bargained for. I had simply left Victoria so that I wouldn’t be tempted any longer. I had come up here to try to sleep but I didn’t know that this was the sight that would greet my eyes the moment I step into the room. A soft voice in my head began to chant, “Chris, go back. Don’t.” While a louder voice yelled, “Just look at that seductive body! You know how much you want it! Go grab it! Victoria doesn’t have to know, she’s downstairs. Just quietly do it and pretend nothing happened.”

    I was caught between the two sides of my conscience! I was still stuck there, imagining the miracles, she stirred in her sleep, then her eyes fluttered open and she seemed to frown and blink at the bright lights. “Na who on light?” She started to ask when she saw me. “Oh, Obim…” She smiled now but I couldn’t say anything. I was rooted to the spot and my eyes followed her movement as she got down the bed and walked towards me and I could barely move from where I stood as If I was glue to the same spot. I knew right there without waiting for any soothsayer to tell me that I would fall. Oh! Jeez! What a witch!

    As I was about to leave the room quietly she stopped in front of me now, she pulled me back “I knew you would come back.” She said huskily. “Even your father couldn’t resist me.” Before I could say anything, with full force she pushed me to the bed.

    I was pinned against the bed and helpless not knowing how to escape from this trap, I really wanted not to taste the forbidden fruit and at the same time my body was yearning for the pleasure I just layer down there allowing her to resume where she stopped earlier.

    I just woke up suddenly, feeling restless as if something was about to happen, i looked around and found Chris was no more in there in the living room. I just sat down there debating whether to check on Chris or not. A lot of thoughts went through my head. First, Chris left here not bothering to wake me up, he just left me here and secondly, what of Uju? Where was she? Had she gone back to the room where Chris asked her to stay or are they together now? All this and that kept on coming my head but I believe Chris could not do such kind of thing to me because I knew that he liked me a lot, saying he loved me was an overstatement, after all, I had only just met him two nights ago. Not that I didn’t have feelings for him too but I just couldn’t bring myself to have an affair outside my marriage. Even staying with him in the same house without making an arrangement to leave and find my way was already affecting my marriage and I didn’t want to worsen it. Even though my husband had cheated on me several times, I didn’t want to do the same to him. I sighed then decided and making up my mind to at least check on him to confirm any of my thoughts, I rose and started for the stairs. As I stepped into the corridor, I could hear someone groaning in pleasure.

    I followed the sound and realized that it was coming from Chris’ room, creeping to the door, I placed my ear against the door which was partially ajar to listen and I could hear someone making a wet noisy sound with his or her mouth and immediately my eyes widened when I realized that someone was upon someone and the only two people besides me in the house were Chris and Obianuju. In order not to jump into conclusion, I peeked through the gap in the open door and what met my eyes rendered me speechless. I was shocked.

    Uju was dramatically doing everything she knew how to do best like an expert and it was really working on me. I was ready to do anything. I was eager to go ahead but unknown to me, Victoria who had been listening outside the door had also caught us. She had clasped her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming in shock while her eyes had filled with tears and without making as much as a sound, she had quickly hurried back down the stairs, carefully not to give her presence away.

    As Uju continues with that I began to slowly lose interest. No matter how hard I tried to pretend that I was actually doing this with Victoria, it just didn’t feel this same way. All I felt was guilt and I couldn’t believe that I was just about to do something with my step mother all because I wanted to satisfy the urge I felt. Slowly, I started to pull away from Uju, even though I was still feeling the urge. She still continued to kiss my face and tried to do some other things but I held her wrist and stared her hard in the eyes. Finally getting off the bed after letting her go, I walked to the door, picked my shirt and shorts and slipped back into them then opened the door and went to look for Victoria. I wanted to apologize to her but I didn’t know if I could bring myself to tell her what I did yet. I had let Uju kiss me and fondle me. I felt ashamed of myself and shook my head at how sexual temptations could weaken a man and push him to do just about anything to get a relief.

    When I reached downstairs, I discovered that she was no longer where she was. I called for her but got no reply. I walked to the kitchen to check on her but she wasn’t there either. I called for her again but yet, only silence greeted me. I began to panic now as several questions shot through my head. Had she heard me and Uju inside the room? Had she gotten angry because I left her alone in the living room? Where could she be? Immediately, I hurried outside to look for her outside the house. I walked around the compound looking for her when my gate man appeared from a corner and flashed a torch at me.

    “Oga, na you? (Boss, is that you?)” He asked.

    “Yes, Effiong…” I answered.

    He switched off the torch and asked again. “Oga, time na 3 a.m. Wetin you dey find?” (Boss, the time is 3 a.m., what are you looking for?)

    “Did you see Victoria?” I asked.

    “Oga, na who be Victoria? (Boss, who’s Victoria?)” He asked me.

    I was frustrated and snapped. “Are you daft? How many Victorias do you know?!”

    “Oga, me I no know her name. Na two women dey this house. The one wey you bring come two nights ago and the one wey your people carry come, na which one be Victoria? (Boss, I don’t know her name. There are two women in this house. The one you brought home two nights ago and the one the elders brought, which one is Victoria?)”

    “The one I came home with.” I answered impatiently.

    “Oh, that one?!” He chuckled and nervously stretched his arms then scratched his head. “Oga, she don go o. (Boss, she has left.)”

    I frowned. “What do you mean by she don go?”

    “Oga, she cry come meet me say make I borrow her five hundred naira, then she come commot. (Boss, she came crying to me, asking me to borrow her five hundred naira then she left.)” He explained.

    “What! Effiong, are you mad?!” I flared up. “And you opened the gate for her at this time of the night?! Do you know what could happen to her out there?! And jeez! She was only wearing a night gown!”

    “Oga, she borrow one of my shirt… She say she go return am later… (Boss, she actually borrowed one of my shirts. She said she would return it later.)” The gate man mumbled.

    “God!” I yelled. “Open the gate!” I ordered turned and rushed to my car. I got into it, started the car and reversed out of the compound then I drove off to look for Victoria.

    To be Continued…… Watch out for Episode 12… you will blame your self if you miss it….


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