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“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 8)
“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 8)

“So Not Love” (Heartbreaking Story (Episode 8) - A Must Read!

    Though I was still afraid that anything can happen between the two us. I just pray it won’t happen because of too much silence between us when he came back inside the bedroom. When he wanted to make advances towards me I simply said “No, no, no, Chris I can’t…” I told him. “I’m married, I just can’t.”

    “Shrrr…” He whispered, “I’m not going to take advantage of you.”

    “Please don’t because I’m very vulnerable right now…” I said frankly.

    “I know…” He answered

    In my mind, I began to pray all the prayers I knew how to in my head for nothing to happen between us and God eventually answered my prayers because Chris made it known clearly as much as he really wish to have me by his side that he cannot do such to me or take advantage of my vulnerability and that he cannot possibly defy another man’s wife.

    I started to grow tensed now. I lifted my head off the bed and asked. “Are you in any way asking me to divorce my husband so I can be with you?”

    “No, I haven’t said that… At least not yet. But you are an adult and you should know what’s good for you. Would you rather spend the rest of your life living in a loveless marriage?”

    “You don’t know anything about my marriage!” I defended, breathing hard in anger.

    I might not, but I have seen enough to know that you do not love him too. I don’t know why you are in it though. Is it because he’s rich?”

    I looked away and said nothing.

    He continued. “Look Victoria, I’m never going to force you to do whatever you do not want to. The decision of either choosing to remain in or leave that marriage is totally up to you and I’m not going to impose any decision on you. If you wanna be happy, do the right thing, if you wanna keep wallowing in sorrow and pain, you are not too far away from it already.

    I opened my mouth to speak when we heard a noise outside. It was like a ruckus and he got up and moved to the window where he could see the gate. I got up, quickly slipped into the t-shirt and then my tight which I had worn under my dress to the outing. I joined him at the window and we could see the gate man arguing with some elderly men in red caps and igbo native attires and they had a lady with them.

    “Shit!” I heard him mutter under his breath and I turned to give him an inquiringly look.

    “What is it?” I asked.

    “The least people I expect.” He answered and then called out loud to the gate man. “Effiong! Effiong!”

    “Oga!” The gateman replied aloud, turning towards the window but still barricading the partially open gate with his body as if trying to make sure no one came through it.

    “What’s going on out there?” Chris asked.

    “Oga, na all these old men o! Dem say dem be your papa brothers and elders of your village. I tell them say I no know them and you no dey expect any one from village, dem no wan gree and they wan just enter by force!” (Boss, it’s some old men! They claim that they are your uncles and elders from your village. I told them that you are not expecting anyone from the village but they want to force their way in!)

    Chris sighed then replied. “Let them in!”

    “You say, oga?” The gateman said in surprise as if he hadn’t heard Chris right the first time.

    “I said let them in!” Chris repeated then moved away from the window and walked out of the room without another word to me. Curious to know what was going on, I followed him and we descended the stairs just in time to find three elderly women and the lady who was carrying a bag walk into the living room.

    “Ha! There he is!” The first elder exclaimed. “That’s our son!” He pointed his walking stick up at Chris who was still descending the stairs with his hands in his pockets.

    The other elders were busy looking around and admiring the sitting room and their village scent instantly permeated the air in the sitting room. I remained on the stairs to watch what was going to happen while Chris walked towards them.

    “My elders, I greet you but why the surprise visit? How did you find where I live?”

    “Your aunt gave us your house address in Lagos, so we decided to come here and do the needful.” The first elder replied.

    “I hope everything is okay?” Chris asked.

    “Ehn…” The first elder reached behind him, wrapped a hand around the lady’s upper arm and pulled her forward to his side. “We have brought your wife.”

    Chris scrutinized the lady for a moment and asked, “Isn’t she my late father’s wife?” He asked. “Why did you bring her here? Why can’t you just let her return to her family?”

    “Chris…” A second elder stepped forward to explain. “You know your father married her just a few months before he unfortunately passed away.”

    “And I was against his decision to do so.”

    “Well, Uju here is still young, she’s just twenty four and so young a widow she is.” The second elder explained.

    “And what has that got to do with me?” Chris asked tersely.

    “It’s our tradition that the first son must take after his father by marrying his youngest widow if she’s still below thirty and we the elders have dutifully brought Obinanuju here to Lagos to you. Fortunately, she never conceived for your father, I think your father was too old to fire that spot very well. Well, since your father is dead, you are to marry her. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay any brideprice. Your father’s bride price have already covered it all. All you have to do is let her live here with you so that she will not be lonely in the village and all these young jobless youths that we have there will not tempt her into offending the gods.” He chuckled and asked the other elders. “Or is it not so?”

    “It’s so.” They agreed and laughed too.

    “I don’t know what you old men are up to but if this is a joke, it had better stop. Take this girl back to the village or better still, one of you can marry her.” Chris spat.

    “Taaaa!” The third elder exclaimed.

    “Abormination!” The second elder clicked his fingers in the air.

    “Alu!” The first elder squeezed his shoulders. “Chris, if we lay with your father’s wife, Amadioha will strike us with a terrible diseases. The kn@cking is solely for you alone. Uju is a beautiful girl, see her backyard, it’s enough to make any man’s eyes pop out. She’s your possession and we have brought her to you to keep. You can kn@ck her anytime you want… Help your father continue where he stopped.”

    Chris frowned. “Are you people not listening to me? I said that I’m not interested. I don’t want a wife, and definitely not the one my father has laid with!”

    I saw the elders rivet their gaces to me now. “And who’s that one on the stairs there?” The third elder pointed his walking stick at me. “We didn’t know that you are married…” Then he turned to the other elders and ask. “Or did any of you accompany him with a keg of palm wine or some kolanuts to her family house?”

    “No, not at all…” They chorused, shaking their heads and I caught the first elder ogling my exposed thighs where the t-shirt stopped.

    “Leave her out of this, she’s my guest!” Chris said to the elders.

    To Be Continued…… Watch out for Episode 9….

    Let’s talk. Do you really think what Chris was proposing to Victoria was right to leave her marriage or divorce her husband to get married and settle down with him (Chris)? Or what can you say about this episode? Let’s share our thoughts.

    To me, it wasn’t right, but it was timely he gave her a good advise to help her make the right decision, not to divorce her husband for him, but for her own safety.

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