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Story: “The Scar” (Episode 6) – the Kids Are Watching!!!
Story: “The Scar” (Episode 6) – the Kids Are Watching!!!

Story: “The Scar” – the Kids Are Watching!!!

    Just when we thought we had seen the worst of betrayals and wickedness of this world, another shocker pops out of nowhere. How can a newly married man secretly drug his wife with abortion pills in the bid to terminate their first seed as a couple? A normal sane man would do everything in his power to protect his wife and unborn child, but it’s quite unfortunate that we can’t say same for Derrick. Even if he wasn’t ready to be a father yet, it didn’t justify his actions of taking the life of his unborn child without his wife’s knowledge. If you aren’t ready to start a family, then why get married and make love to your wife almost every night? It’s obvious that Derrick was a double standard man and clearly wasn’t sane. At this junction, it’s safe to say that the battle line had been drawn!
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    When the call ended, Naya laid back on the chair and took a deep breath. She was shocked to the brim and had numerous unanswered questions running back and forth through her mind. Goose-bumps covered her whole body as she muttered questions without answers. It was a lot for her to take in at once so she needed some time to fully wrap her head around the possibility of her husband having a hand in her miscarriage.

    “No one has visited us for a while now so how come there’s an abortion medicine packet in my dustbin?..Who used it if no one has spent the night over for a long time now. It can’t be what I am thinking it is; it just can’t be” Naya said to herself as she wallowed in thoughts. Fear like never before gripped her and sent chills all over her body.

    Throughout that day, Naya was moody and seemed completely lost. She couldn’t fully concentrate well at the office because her mind wasn’t at rest. All that Naya wanted was for working hours to elapse so she could rush home for answers. She sluggishly attended to work activities and hardly smiled throughout that day.

    At around 5pm, Naya closed from work and immediately rushed back home. When she arrived, Derrick wasn’t back yet so she sat in the living room and waited for him. Two hours passed but Naya didn’t move an inch from where she sat down. The only thing in her mind at that moment was to get answers to the dreadful questions in her mind.

    That night, Naya was ready for the worst and had already accepted any form of domestic violence from Derrick if things got heated up. Deep down, she knew she wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be an understanding and peaceful wife at that moment. The major significant emotion that was evident in Naya that evening was ‘Fear and Rage’. She was afraid and angry at the possibility of Derrick being the cause of her miscarriage. She was ready to get answers that very day!
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    After about two hours, there were foot steps approaching the door. Without a single doubt, she knew it was Derrick and adjusted her dress in preparation for anything that would happen that night.

    Few seconds later after hearing those foot steps approaching, there was a knock on the door. Naya remained mute and didn’t move an inch to open the door. She knew he had his own key and would open the door if she didn’t. After knocking for a while without any response, Derrick opened the door with his own key and entered inside.

    Immediately Derrick entered inside, he was quick to spot Naya sitting quietly at the extreme end of the living room couch. At first, he was shocked and scared to see her sitting in such manner but later waived his fear aside. “Babe, why didn’t you open the door when I knocked? You were sitting here this whole time but did nothing. Hope you are ok?” He calmly inquired but no response was forth coming.

    At this point, Naya’s actions were beginning to get suspicions. Out of curiosity to find out what was going on, Derrick moved closer to have a closer look at her. It was when he got closer that he realised that she had been crying all along. “Babe, what’s going on? You are scaring me with this attitude of yours. Did I do anything wrong?” He sadly inquired.

    Unable to hold back any longer, Naya dropped a shocker; “Did you kill our baby?” She asked out of nowhere. That question took Derrick off guide and threw him out of balance. His heart raced and his palms instantly became sweaty. In order not to look guilty, he had to stay in character.

    “What are you talking about? What sort of question is this?” Derrick replied but Naya didn’t blink an eye and wasn’t ready to be fooled this time around. “Don’t try to lie or act as though you don’t know what I am talking about. You killed my baby didn’t you? What is an abortion pill doing inside our trash bin? Derrick don’t tell me you had a hand in my miscarriage because if you did, then get ready for hell because I won’t spare you. What manner of man are you? I’m asking for the last time Derrick, did you kill our baby?” She angrily said.
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    At that moment, the atmosphere was highly tensed and nerve wracking. Before Naya could utter another word, Derrick unapologetically said; “Yes I did it and would do it over again”.

    Naya almost collapsed due to the shock she felt at that moment. Derrick’s boldness and audacity crippled her spirit and shattered her innermost heart.

    Devastated and shocked, she dropped a few tears and soberly said; “You are a beast and a devil; this marriage is over!”

    To be continued…

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