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Story: “The Scar” (Episode 7) – the Kids Are Watching!!!
Story: “The Scar” (Episode 7) – the Kids Are Watching!!!

Story Episode: Story: “The Scar” – the Kids Are Watching!!! (

    There’s no better way to manage an abusive or toxic relationship than to walk away or give yourself sometime apart from that person. Life is fragile and can’t be gotten back once taken, so don’t ever negotiate your life or put yourself in a position of losing your existence. It’s safe to say that Derrick and Naya’s relationship was extremely toxic and unhealthy for Naya especially. How on earth could Derrick do a thing like that to his wife? The worst part of the whole situation was the guts he had to say “I will do it again”; simply implying that he wasn’t remorseful of his actions at all.

    At this point, Derrick could pass for a murderer because there wasn’t any difference between himself and someone who’s in prison for murder. Regardless of the fact that their baby was still unborn when he took his or her life, the fact still remains that he killed a human being and deserved any title befitting for a murderer.

    The atmosphere was tensed that evening because Naya wasn’t having it at all and wasn’t about to be an understanding wife. At that moment, she was done with their marriage and wanted out; but would it be that easy for her to leave a toxic man like Derrick? Well, we would find out.
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    Immediately Naya revealed to Derrick that it was over between them, he chuckled and gave her a piercing stare. If I were Naya, I would have done my best to leave that place with immediate effect to avoid receiving the beatings of my life because Derrick’s anger was gradually building up. It quite sad that she cared less about his anger and was more concerned with pouring out her emotions to his face. There was fire on the mountain but it’s apparent that no one was running yet.

    “What did you just say? Listen, you are going nowhere until I say so” Derrick furiously said but Naya wasn’t bothered about his empty threats. “I said we are Over! There’s no way on earth I would still remain in this marriage after knowing what you did to our innocent baby. How dare you take the life of my child? Who do you think you are to kill my child because of whatever stupid reasons you have. Can you give life? So why take away a life God gave? I would never forgive you for killing my baby… you are a murderer, a coward and a big joke. I hate the very day I met you. How could you do this Derrick? How could you? I thought your grand mum needed a grandchild dearly, so why kill her very first grandchild? I will be very glad to tell her that you are a killer and cold blooded murderer. I hate you with passion and can’t even look at you the same again. It is over between us; it is over! Go and marry another lady who doesn’t want to have a child like you do. Nonsense!” Naya furiously said and was about walking away when she received a dirty slap from behind.

    The story continues tomorrow, 7PM. You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s episode…..

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