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Story: “The Scar” (Episode 8) – the Kids Are Watching!!!
Story: “The Scar” (Episode 8) – the Kids Are Watching!!!

Story Episode: Story: “The Scar” – the Kids Are Watching!!! (

    The atmosphere immediately got heated because Naya wasn’t about to receive that slap without returning it back to the sender. Without prior notice, the slap was retaliated back to Derrick with immediate effect. “You are mad! If you dare lay your hands on me again, I will show you the other side of me and I promise you that she isn’t lovely. How dare you slap me? If I don’t make you rot in jail if you lay your hands on me again, then call me a bastard. Big coward like you” Naya furiously said and stormed out. Without wasting any time she packed most of her clothes into an available bag and got ready to leave the house for good.
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    On the other hand, Derrick was dead confused on what to do because he didn’t expect things to go that far. Deep down in his heart, he knew he had messed up big time but pride didn’t let him show remorse and apologise.

    With the way things were going that night, it’s apparent that Naya’s mind was made up with no hope of going back on her word. She was fed up indeed and couldn’t stand her marriage any longer.

    Every atom of love Naya had for her husband and home died an instant death that day. The fact that Derrick made that statement “I will do it again”, still sent chills all over her body. The audacity he had to say such thing was beyond imagination and Naya wasn’t ready to lose another pregnancy due to her psycho husband desires. She was done for good and was determined to take a bow out of her marriage.

    When Derrick realised that his wife’s mind was made up with no hope of reconsideration, he folded his arms and watched her carry a big bag with her belongings out of his house. In as much as he truly wanted to beg her and apologise for his wrongs, pride and ego wouldn’t let him do any of those. All he could do was watch her leave without trying to stop her.

    That day was one of the worst days of Naya’s life. Never in a thousand years did she ever believe that she would be in such situation with a man that was supposed to protect her as long as she lived.

    Just pause for a second and imagine how devastated Naya felt that moment. Imagine how broken she was to know that her husband was the one behind her miscarriage. Imagine how betrayed and hurt she felt as she drove down to Erica’s house that evening. Poor Naya!
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    When Naya arrived at Erica’s house and entered inside, she fell on the floor and burst into tears. Naya cried like never before because she was truly hurt by the one man she was happy to start a family with. It’s sad that she unfortunately found herself in such situation but the deed had already been done.

    “What’s going on? Why are you crying? Did anyone die?” Erica curiously inquired but no response was forth coming. Naya cried to the extent that her body began to heat up.

    As a concerned friend, Erica tried her possible best to calm Naya down but all efforts proved fruitless. Things got bad to the extent that Naya felt like dying and disappearing from the surface of this world. She was tired, shattered and in pains. It was going to take a long time for the broken lady to get over the heartbreak she was feeling due to her husband’s betrayal.

    It took a while before Naya opened up to Erica that day on what happened. Erica was shocked to the brim as she couldn’t believe her ears. “What! You don’t mean it? Naya tell me you are joking? My God!” Erica shockingly said after the sad news was broken to her. It was such a sober day but they were able to scale through by God’s grace.
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    Few weeks later, the quest for divorce began. Naya didn’t waste any time in filing for a divorce. Derrick was shocked because he didn’t see the divorce coming anytime soon. Due to the latest development, his conscience began to prick him and finally, he became remorseful.

    It’s been 4 weeks since the incident happened and Derrick still hasn’t spoken to his wife or seen her privately. He missed her dearly and wanted his family back but didn’t know how to go about it because he wasn’t used to being vulnerable and soft.

    In all that was happening, no one truly knew the actual cause of the problem; not even Derrick himself knew why he behaves the way he does. Deep down in Derrick’s heart, he knew there was a sweet side of him that was buried beneath his scars.

    Up until then, Naya was still not aware of her husband’s scars because he never spoke about his childhood, neither did Naya do any investigations to know her husband better. God tried to talk to her about Derrick’s scars on several occasions but she was too busy praying amiss to listen. Everyone was still in the dark till one fateful day.
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    It happened that Naya returned from work one evening and went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. After bathing, she spoke with the lawyer in charge of her divorce and finally retired to bed to sleep.

    Earlier that same day, Derrick was sober and locked himself up in his house crying. He cried for hours and couldn’t point out one reason for being in such broken state. It could be that his childhood trauma memories came visiting that day and left him completely shattered.

    In the midst of that brokenness, he soberly muttered “God help me, I don’t want my wife to leave me. I don’t know what is wrong with me; please help me Lord” he soberly said.

    It seems as though God was moved by Derrick’s prayers so he decided to open Naya’s eyes a little on what was truly wrong with her husband. That night, she had a strange dream.
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    In that dream, it seemed as though Naya was watching a real life movie but wasn’t part of the actors. She was in a room in that dream and heard loud noises coming from downstairs. As she was about heading to where the shouts were coming from, her attention was instantly drawn to a gentle voice singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in that same room.

    Curious to know whom was singing the song, Naya walked back inside the room in search of the singer. Her attention was immediately drawn under the bed and she bent down to search. When she looked under the bed, she saw a little boy singing with tears dripping down his eyes. She tried to talk to him but he couldn’t hear nor see her.

    Before Naya could take any action, a loud voice screamed “Derrick, come downstairs now!” and she immediately woke up from sleep.

    Goosebumps instantly covered her whole body as she shockingly muttered; “Derrick?”.


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