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Story: “The Scar” (Episode 3) – the Kids Are Watching!!!
Story: “The Scar” (Episode 3) – the Kids Are Watching!!!

Story: “The Scar” – the Kids Are Watching!!!

    Insanity is being married and asking your wife to abort a pregnancy you both made happen within the confines of marriage. I mean, who does that? How can you tell your wife to abort your first seed after 5 months of being lawfully joined together in holy matrimony? The thought of this alone can make a person go insane because such decision is all shades of wrong and worthy enough to question whether a person is ‘Man Enough’ to be married in the first place. Derrick first crossed the line when he strangled his wife ‘Naya’, but this particular action was the last straw that broke the carmel’s back.
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    After those disgusting words left Derrick’s mouth, Naya was completely raged and ready to devour him into pieces. Still in shock, she burst into laughter because everything just felt like a joke of the century. After laughing for a while, her mood changed immediately into that of a furious person.

    “Listen, I want to strongly believe that you are joking and didn’t mean any of those words that just came out of your mouth; otherwise, you will have to be ready to swallow back your words because this baby is going nowhere. How dare you? Which sane man would say the things you just said now to his lawfully wedded wife carrying his first seed? How can a full grown man like you tell me to abort our first child as a married couple? Are you alright at all? What’s the point of being married if you aren’t ready to father a child and start a family? Listen, I would just pretend as though I didn’t hear anything you said now. Go back, have a rethink and come back when you are ready to have a conversation with me about this baby because I would never abort my baby; over my dead body!” Naya angrily said. As she was about walking away, Derrick held her hair and dragged her back to where he stood.

    It’s apparent that something drastic was about to go down that night due to the way Naya spoke to Derrick. At that moment, he was furious at the audacity she had to question his decision. He held her hair extremely tight till she began to scream. “This would be the last time in this house you will ever talk back at me in this manner; do you hear me?” he angrily said but she didn’t respond.

    Due to Naya’s failure to respond, Derrick held her hair even tighter and said; “Did I make myself clear woman?”, but still no response from his wife whom he was inflicting severe pains on.

    As Naya struggled to free her hair from Derrick’s grip, he gave her a dirty slap that landed her on the floor. That slap was totally unexpected and it left Naya in shock. “Why did you slap me? Don’t you ever try this again in your life; don’t you ever! You disgust me” she said and spat on his body. That action triggered more anger in Derrick and he gave her more slaps till her mouth couldn’t open again.
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    Such a monster right? Like which husband treats his wife this way; especially on a day such as this? A day she revealed to you that she was carrying your bundle of joy inside her. A day that was supposed to make you the happiest man on earth. A day you were supposed to hug her and kiss her tummy in anticipation of the arrival of your baby. Just in case we ever thought Derrick’s scars weren’t too deep, I believe this is an eye opener to let us know the intensity of his cuts and wounds.

    After the drama that went down that day, the couple began to keep malice and barely spoke to each other. After days of being in that house with a man that was now a total stranger, Naya decided to stay at her friend’s house till whenever she was ready to go back to her matrimonial home; that’s if she would ever change her mind to go back.

    While Naya was at her friend’s place, she cried non-stop whenever she returned from work. Initially, she didn’t want to tell her friend the hell she was facing in a marriage that wasn’t even up to a year old. It was after series of persuasion that Naya finally opened up to her friend.

    Everything felt like a prank to Naya’s friend ‘Erica’. Never in a thousand years did she ever imagine that Derrick was capable of such behaviour. They all saw him like a Saint those days because he was reserved and barely socialised. Erica was truly disgusted by Derrick’s attitude and was ready to stand by her friend against all odds.
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    It’s been over four days since Naya left the house but Derrick hadn’t noticed yet. It took a while before it dawned on him that she was gone and that was when his eyes cleared. Curious to know where his wife was at, he called Naya’s phone countlessly but she didn’t pick up. After a while of calling continuously, she switched her phone off.

    That period was such a humbling one for Derrick indeed and he became restless. Gradually, he began to feel bad and started searching for his wife. After a marathon search, he was able to locate where she was staying. He found out through a friend of his that was close to Erica. After deliberating for a while on whether to pay his wife a surprise visit, he finally made up his mind to do so one evening.

    One fateful evening; by this time it was over a week since Naya left her matrimonial home. There was a knock on the door and Erica went to see who was knocking. Immediately she opened the door and saw Derrick, she didn’t even know when she sighed in disgust.

    “Hi Erica, please call my wife for me” Derrick calmly said but Erica wasn’t having it. She wasn’t ready to act all nice to a man that maltreated her dear friend. “Your wife is not here, leave!” she flared up. Before Derrick could utter another word, Naya came from behind and said; “it’s OK Erica, please let him see me” she gently said.

    Still furious, Erica stormed out but didn’t forget to issue a stern warning before leaving. “If you ever touch her again, I will come for you!” she said and left.

    With Erica gone, Naya looked at Derrick with tears in her eyes. As she raise her hands to wipe the tears away from her face, Derrick hugged her tightly and soberly said; “Baby I’m so sorry, please come back home”.

    To be continued…

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