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“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 9)
“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 9)

“The Pastor’s Daughter” Story By Playloaded.

    👫💞 The Pastor’s Daughter Episode Nine:

    I was in my room when I heard a knock on the door but refused to open up,
    “Love open up, I heard Patrick voice but I just cuddled myself on the floor with my red face,
    “Mom is calling you, he said and I sluggishly stood up and opened the door and he handed me a bag. I just looked at him not saying anything as my hands were inside my jacket,

    “Okay I apologize for what happened, if we don’t react that way you will still be looking this way, Patrick said and I sniffed saying nothing.
    “Common have this and get prepared, mom will soon be back okay, Patrick said taking my left hand to get the bag and left and I slowly went in and closed the door. I poured the content of the bag on the bed and saw beautiful gowns and skirts and rolled my eyes.

    “Was this even necessary? I asked myself and cleaned my face so I can go through the gowns.
    Minutes later I heard their mother voice in the sitting room and I knew she’s back, I left the room to see her,
    “Wow ma your hair is beautiful, I commented.

    “Thank you my dear, and why is your face like that? Mrs Eugene noticed and I touched my face,
    “Were you crying or something? She asked again.

    “Oh yes, she mistakenly hit her forehead on the door, dunno how she did that though, Patrick came in.
    “Were you blind or what? You better go in and wash your face so we can go out, she said checking the time.

    “Ermmm I was thinking ma….. I mean what if I don’t want to go? I asked squeezing my skirt.
    ‘That will be great, Nosa said.

    “You mean you don’t want to come with us and why? You don’t want to celebrate with me right? She asked ignoring her son.
    “No no not that, i replied.

    “Then what? She asked.
    “Sorry ma I’ll go prepare, I replied and turned to leave but Nosa hissed loudly.

    “Is not by force for someone to celebrate you na, are you begging her or something?I heard Nosa said and I got into my room and breathed out. I quickly got into the bathroom and came out and brought out a blue dress Patrick got. It stopped just on my knees and was very beautiful and I smiled at my self as I looked myself in the mirror, for the very first time in my life, I saw my shape on a dress.
    I packed my natural hair in an afro style which the girl close to the shop taught me how to pack it because I was fond of tying my hair in a local way.

    When I came out to the sitting room Mrs Eugene was just staring at me speechless,
    “Sorry ma let me go change it, I confusedly said with the way she looked at me,
    “Come here come here, change what? You want to turn like a bush animal again? Besides so you can look like a human being all this while? She asked.

    “No ma, Patrick got me this few minutes ago, I replied because they were not in the sitting room…
    “Patrick? Hey! She shouted clapping her hand.

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    “What’s the problem? I heard Nosa voice in the corridor and when he saw me, he paused and his mother began to laugh,
    “E follow shock you? Wow! His mother said but Nosa could not say a word.

    “Wow look at her, Patrick walked in smiling.
    “I heard you got it for her why? His mother quickly asked and he sat close to her,

    “Yes mom because I did something terrible today. I went outside and saw her clothes and got so angry, so I took a scissors and destroyed it and she cried so bitterly, he replied.
    “You did what? Why will you do such wickedness? His mother shouted.

    “Mom I know and am sorry. But I wanted to make it up to her, I got her new dress. But mom you know she was looking so bad on those wears and she was not looking like she was going to change it soon, to her the dress makes her comfortable, Patrick replied.
    “Even so you were not to force her or destroy her clothes, his mother said.

    “Can we go now? Nosa finally voiced out while I was still standing looking at them.
    “Sure let’s go, his mother replied and I opened the door for them,

    “Make sure everything in the house is turned off, hurry, their mother said and I ran to the kitchen to check if everything is turned off before joining them in the car.
    Patrick was the one who had the steering while his mother sat in the front with him.
    I was at the back with Nosa and it was as if he was struggling to breathe,
    “So bro do you like Love transformation? Patrick asked and Nosa looked at me and quickly took off his eyes.

    “Why are you asking me? Nosa asked.
    “Because it got you speechless and you’ve been quiet, his mother replied.

    “I am not quiet because of that please and why should I be? Besides its none of my business, Nosa said and the car came to a stop..
    We came out and walked into the classy restaurant and sat down,
    “Uhmmm this looks expensive, I hope we won’t end up washing plates here if you don’t have the money to pay, his mother teased them and they laughed.

    “We got you mom and it won’t be on your birthday you will wash plates, Patrick said and Nosa signalled on a lady who came,
    “What will you love to eat mom? Nosa asked.

    “Is there no menu or something here? She asked and I wondered what menu is
    “I have it here ma, sorry about that, the lady replied giving her a booklet while I just sat where I was looking around and admiring the place until the booklet landed in my hands.
    I foolishly looked at them wondering what they want me to do with it,

    “Make your order na haba! Nosa shouted and without going through it I just pointed at Jellof rice and gave it back to her.
    “Uhmmm about the wine come close let’s talk, Nosa said and the lady came close which he whispered things into her ears and she smiled and left….

    To Be Continued.

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