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“The Pastor’s Daughter” (Episode 1)👫💞
“The Pastor’s Daughter” (Episode 1)👫💞

“The Pastor’s Daughter” Story By Playloaded.

    👫💞 The Pastor’s Daughter Episode One:

    My name is Love. I grew up seeing my father distributing suspension in church to his members like a free gift. My father was a very stern pastor. Sometimes I do hear people in the village parading with his name calling him wicked. I can’t count the number of times he has canceled weddings when he finds out the bride is pregnant, no amount of pleadings will change my father decision.

    “I was sent to groom and prepare for the Lord a generation of decent, spotless, and godly people and not filthy beings for the next coming of our savior and that I must achieve! My father will always brag whenever his fellow pastors advises him to lessen his hands on his members.

    At home he handles us with iron hands because we have to be a good example to other children in the village.

    “Its not a mistake that I have only two children. I personally told your mother to stop once you were born Love so that I can open my eyes well on you and your brother. I won’t be alive and see you two bring me shame and bring my hard work to nothing, no way! My father will always shout at us with any little mistake we make.

    I and my brother got very scared to make mistakes and tried our best to live our lives to the standard our father gave to us but I had a problem. I was not good at all with Physics and mathematics as a science student. Though I had no interest in science, but as I said earlier, my father gave us a standard already and the way we must go even in the choice of what we will study.

    My brother who had interest in cars, and he will always be found at the mechanic shop looking at the way cars are being repaired. My father screamed out and casted the spirit of mechanism from him with enough beatings when he found out, saying the Lord said he should be a lawyer.

    We were both struggling in academics and worked extra hard to meet up.

    At school when I opened my book and saw the test score, I just heaved and closed the book very disappointed that I failed with my legs raised up. Because of my father stern attitude, the teachers will always separate me from the other students when its time for tests and examinations.

    “Malpractice or asking your friends answers in the hall is a sin, that’s what your father do preach right? They will remind me.

    It was becoming tiring for me. I could not make friends nor mingle with people so that they won’t influence me according to my father.

    My case was more interesting because I am a female child,

    “Don’t let a boy come close to you so you won’t get pregnant, was what my parents told me. I feared suspension and stayed off even though I had questions running in my head with what I do hear from my biology teacher.

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    “Love you’ve failed again? Cecilia asked as I covered my head on the desk crying.

    “I don’t know what to do, soon the mock exams will start, I replied.

    “Don’t you think you need a teacher? Like a home teacher I mean, she said.

    “My father won’t accept, I said.

    “Just explain things to him and try to make him understand, don’t forget no one will help you during the exams, Cecilia said and it got me more scared.

    I and my brother were in the same class because we started school together. According to my mom they didn’t have the money to enroll him in school when he was suppose to start, we had to start together when the money finally came.

    As we strolled back home I complained to Pius about my poor grades in school and he just smiled like it was nothing,

    “I don’t understand, what’s funny? I asked him.

    “What do you want me to say? He asked back.

    “You have nothing to say? I asked him.

    “Love I have nothing to say, why not go tell your parents who pushed us to where we don’t know where its taking us. Imagine me sitting down to read different literatures what for? Pius asked and I breathed out.

    “The mock exams is coming up, if we don’t pass we can’t enter the next class na, I said.

    ‘Does it concern me? No should I kill myself? The shame will surely go back to him, I wonder how he will keep his face when his two children fails with high rank, Pius said and quickly walked away from me and I could sense that he’s really angry.

    My mother returned from the market and I decided to talk to her, unlike my dad she has a small spot to listen to us even though we will be wasting our time because she will have to still discuss with her husband.

    “Mommy please you know I am trying hard, help me talk to daddy, I need a home teacher, I told her.

    “Love you know that is not going to happen, how many hours will this home teacher have with you? She asked.

    “Mommy I don’t know but if i want to be honest with you, my grades is very poor, I replied.

    “I’ll try my best anyway, she said and left the kitchen and I breathed out….

    To be Continued.

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