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“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 2)
“The Pastor’s Daughter” 👫💞 (Episode 2)

“The Pastor’s Daughter” Story By Playloaded.

    👫💞 The Pastor’s Daughter Episode Two:

    That night we left our rooms for prayers, my father just fixed his eyes on me that I began to wonder what I’ve done.

    “What is this home teacher I am hearing? He finally asked.

    “Daddy it’s……… “Are you reading your book! How special is your brain that I have to pay for a home teacher and a school teacher! He shouted and I closed my eyes shaking.

    “She wants to start now to have a home teacher and you’re supporting her, when she gets to the university what will she ask for? This home teacher will it be free? He asked referring to my mom.
    “But she’s complaining her grades are low, my mother replied.

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    “Is it our fault? Did our parents then or did we know what is home teacher at our time? Didn’t we struggle to pass the way we can? This children are too relaxed, in fact get up let’s pray! He shouted and we sluggishly stood up and that was the end of a home teacher.

    After a week I heard our seniors are organizing an extra class for us free. I was the most excited and that morning before I left for school I told my parents about it,

    “I need you back to this house before 3pm, my father said.

    “But daddy the class begins after the school is over, I can’t be home before 3pm, I said.
    “Did I tell you to attend any class? My father asked.

    “But daddy why are you doing this? This class is beneficial for me as a science student and our exams is coming up soon, is it bad for the students to gather us up and teach us what they know ahead of the exams? I asked and my mother cleared her throat.

    “When will you be coming back? She asked.
    “An hour late, I replied.

    “Dear please let her attend, its still part of learning right? My mother asked but he was quiet.
    “Please na, they are almost late for school, my mother said again looking at the time as we waited for him.

    “And you Pius you have no extra class? My father asked.
    “There is, but I’m not interested in it, he replied.

    “Very good, She should not be interested also, my father said to my mother.
    “But they are in different class, isn’t the science class more difficult? My mother asked.

    “That’s what they make you believe. Anyway you can attend but don’t dare to come back late, my father said.
    “Thank you daddy, I happily said and left with Pius.

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    We were barely 10 of us who attended the class and it made it easy for the students to attend to us and made us understand. I felt very comfortable with my seniors teaching me, it was penetrating better especially when the senior boys prefect comes up to teach Physics.

    Within a week after I started the class, I saw improvement and I was doing well with the assignments they do give after every teaching.

    I saw myself interacting with my classmates which was not so, and I was so close with the boys prefect and we go home together because Pius was not waiting for me.

    One day as we walked home together I saw a member of the church who I greeted very well and she responded well also and we passed.

    That evening I was doing my assignment when my father got in very furious,

    “Love, who is this boy you’re always seen walking and smiling with on the road? My father asked.
    “Hey daddy that’s our boys prefect, I replied

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    “So what? You will have to hold hands together and walk side by side laughing? Do you know that is appearance of evil? My father asked.
    “Daddy we didn’t hold hands o, we just walked and talked, I replied.

    “Talked about what exactly that all your forty two teeth will be showing huh? He asked.
    “Daddy its thirty two, I corrected and I received a slap that fitted my face.

    “Yes correct me and ignore the question I asked you. Let me not see you with that boy and Enough of the extra class! He shouted and walked out and Pius just placed his hand under his chin looking at me as I cried holding my cheek.

    “Aunty Amarachi actually reported you, Pius said and I looked at him and sniffed and stormed out of the house and got to her place straight up.

    “Why are you this wicked and a jobless gossiper? Can’t you do something better in your life than reporting people? I asked facing her.
    “What do you mean by that? She asked.

    “Oh stop pretending! Because you saw me walking with a boy you reported me to my father for what exactly? I asked.
    “To stop you from getting pregnant and get suspended. Oh oh oh you’re even raising your shoulders high because I called your father to look at you huh? Truly you have no respect for elders, she replied.

    “Mind your business woman, look after your own children and leave me alone! I shouted and left her compound while she clapped her hands behind me.

    When I got home I saw my mother coming out from the kitchen,
    “Where are you coming back from? She asked but I looked away still very angry.

    “I am talking to you! She shouted.
    “From aunty Amarachi place, I told her to stop gossiping, I replied.

    “Is Aunty Amarachi your mate? She asked.
    “Oh she knows like that and she can’t stop being an idle gossiper? I asked back.

    “Wonderful! I can see all she told me is very visible now. So you even insulted someone old enough to be your mother Love? My father asked coming out and I just scoffed.

    “I didn’t insult her but called her to order, let her stop intruding into other people business so that the size of her nose will reduce, I replied and left to use the other door to enter my room.

    I heard my father ranting and vibrating the whole house but I didn’t care. Stopping me from the extra class or talking with Solomon was something I was not planning to do, I just knew from that day I was no longer that obedient lamb that can be kicked around….

    TO Be Continued.

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