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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 2)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 2)

    Simi’s father was buried a week later, Simi had to go live with her aunt since she was now an orphan.

    Mrs. Adepoju was deeply worried, she had seen Simi smoking a cigarette in a dream, and two weeks later, she had a dream where she saw Simi committing an abortion. At that point, she couldn’t take it again, so she began to ask the Holy Spirit for the interpretation of the dreams and the appropriate steps to take. The Holy Spirit made her realize that the death of Simi’s parents had made her lose faith in God and she was already walking in the path of destruction.

    Mrs. Adepoju became restless, Simi was one of the best students in her school who had won many awards which brought great recognition and fame to her school. When she saw that Simi was a child destined for greatness, Mrs. Adepoju introduced Christ to her. She taught Simi how to hear from God and be very close to Him.
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    After the Holy Spirit spoke to her, Mrs. Adepoju decided to bring Simi to live with her. She got the address of Aunty Lucy and then traveled to see her. Getting to the address she was given, she knocked on the door but got no response. She wanted to go back but the Holy Spirit told her to open the door, she obeyed and discovered that the door was unlocked. It was like Mrs. Adepoju was pushed by an invisible hand to one of the rooms. Alas, she met Simi and an unknown young boy in a romance.

    Mrs. Adepoju screamed Simi’s name which brought the duo to consciousness. Simi was shocked to see Mrs. Adepju, she quickly knelt before her while the boy ran out of the house.

    Mrs. Adepoju: (wiped the tears falling from her face) Why are you doing this? I thought I taught you to run from pre-marital sex. Why do you want to throw your bright future away?

    Simi: I am very sorry ma, my eldest cousin said having sex is the easiest way to let go of grief.

    Mrs. Adepoju: Never, that’s a lie from the pit of hell. Having God is the only way to let go of grief.

    Simi: God? God stopped existing in my dictionary the moment He took my parent from me, He could have let them live. God failed me.

    Mrs. Adepoju: You know what? Pick every of your belongings, you are coming with me. I will wait for your Aunty to be back from the market. No matter what she thinks or says, you are going with me. I am not leaving here without you.
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    Aunty Lucy came back an hour later and was surprised to see a strange woman in her home, she was more surprised to see Simi sitting beside the strange woman with her luggage on the floor. Mrs. Adepoju greeted Aunty Lucy and appreciated her for taking good care of Simi then, she went on to explain to her that Simi had been like a daughter to her hence, she had decided to take her in to help ease her Aunty Lucy’s burden.

    Aunty Lucy appreciated Mrs. Adepoju’s kind gesture and asked Simi if what Mrs. Adepoju said was true. She further asked Simi if she wanted to go with Mrs. Adepoju, Simi said yes and with that, Aunty Lucy allowed Simi to go with Mrs. Adepoju after collecting her address.

    The journey from her aunt’s place to Mrs. Adepoju’s residence was almost three hours but then, she was grateful that Mrs. Adepoju came for her because it was a sign that she would be well cared for. Simi remembered life in her aunt’s place and a tear dropped from her eyes.
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    Her aunt was a kind woman but she wasn’t financially stable. She was a single mother of three who did all manner of menial jobs to take care of her children. She was told that her aunt’s husband went away with her aunt’s best friend leaving her to fend for their three children. Her aunt did everything within her ability to take care of the four children, Simi included but there was hardly enough for them.

    The lack of their basic needs pushed her aunt’s daughters into the hands of men. They use their body to get what they want, they do this smartly ensuring their mom does not get wind of their escapades. At the age of seventeen, Tunmise, Aunty Lucy’s eldest daughter had committed three abortions.

    TO Be Continued.

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