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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 18)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 18)

The One I Called Friend.

    James: (ran to embrace Yinka the moment he set his eyes on him) Dadddyyyyyyy!

    Jones: (Also ran to embrace Yinka immediately he heard the scream of his twin brother) Daddyyyy, where have you been? Why did you leave us alone?

    Yinka: (Came back to consciousness the moment he heard Jones’s question. He was initially thrown off balance by the strong resemblance the boys shared with him) One question at a time boys. I had to travel down here when I discovered something.

    Jones: But mom said you left us to be with another woman, she said the woman is a prostitute who doesn’t want us to be happy.

    James: Yes, she said the woman charmed you.

    Yinka: Listen, boys, let’s forget all she said. I am here for you now.

    Jones: Yeeee, Welcome back, Daddy, I missed you so much.

    James: Yes, Daddy, I missed sleeping in your arms.

    Jones: Dad, have you been with mom? She left the house with grandma and they haven’t returned. Aunty Cindy has been the one taking care of us.
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    Yinka: Boys, you have to get your boxes, we have to leave here. When we get to my house, I will tell you all you need to know. Meanwhile, I need you to meet someone.

    Jones: James, look at this woman, she is the woman in the picture Mom showed us. She is the one who charmed Dad.

    James: You are very right, Jones. She stole our father from us.

    Yinka: That is not true and I won’t let you speak anyhow to someone special to me. Get your luggage and follow me, now.

    Jones: No, Dad. We are not going anywhere without our mom.

    Yinka: Well, I can see you boys are stubborn. If you care to know, your mom and grandma are dead. So, the only option you have left is living with me.

    James: No, Dad, our mom isn’t dead and we are not going with you.

    Cindy: Stop acting stubborn boys, I just saw it in the news that your mom shot herself and grandma, so you have to move in with your Dad. I will be leaving for my parent’s home tomorrow.

    Jones: That can’t be.

    Cindy: (Move closer to Yinka and Simi) Sir and Ma, you have serious work to do on these boys, they are ill-mannered.

    Yinka: I can see that too.
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    Yinka and Simi decided to go pick up the twins from their grandmother’s residence since they were aware that their remaining family member was Yinka. Getting to the house, the twins were initially happy to see their father but the moment they set eyes on Simi, they remembered all their mother told them about her. They refused to go with Yinka and Simi till Cindy, their grandmother’s house maid intervened in the situation.

    While going to pick up the twins, Simi suddenly became nervous, she was not sure of the reaction she would get from the twins, she only wished they would accept her and accord her the necessary respect.

    The twin’s outburst got to her, she was shocked to hear them call her a prostitute. It was obvious Tonia turned the table against her. At that instant, all she prayed and wished for was a divine intervention.

    After speaking to the twins, Cindy went into the house, brought out their luggage, and took it into Yinka’s car after which, she came back to join the couple to bundle the boys into the car. Immediately after they got into the car, Yinka zoomed off giving the twins no room for escape.
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    As Yinka drove into the compound, he threatened to beat the twins if they tried anything funny. He was ready to deal with them till they had learned some morals. The twins who saw how angry Yinka was composed themselves, they were afraid of being flogged by Yinka. Yinka led them into the room that he had prepared for them, he ensured they took their bath and were served lunch before going into the bedroom to meet his wife.

    Yinka: Babe? How are you?

    Simi: Fine ooooh, how are the twins?

    Yinka: They are eating. I served them lunch.

    Simi: Those boys are something else, they are very spoilt.

    Yinka: Seriously, I can’t believe they came out of me. I pray God help us to raise them, this is a whole lot of work.

    Simi: Yeah, I trust God to help us.

    TO Be Continued.

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