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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 15)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 15)

The One I Called Friend.

    Toun found himself in a room the moment he became conscious, he stood up from the bed and walked to the door wanting to open it and go out but discovered it was locked. He then began to knock on the door hoping someone was around to open it. Just as he thought, someone opened the door but didn’t let him out.

    Toun: Can you please take me to my Mom and Dad? They must have been dead worried about me.

    Kidnapper: You still dey speak English ba? You dey tell me say I no go school abi? If I slap you, you no go fit chop for three days.

    Toun: I just want to go to my parent. Is that too much to ask?

    Kidnapper: Haaa, see this rat oooh. If no be say madam say make I no touch you, I for beat you blue-black. You no even dey fear face?

    Toun: Why will I fear you when Jesus is here with me? See, my mom always says that if anyone tries to harm me, they will harm themselves instead. So, if you love yourself, take me to my parent.

    Kidnapper: Shuu! If you talk again, I will slap you.

    Toun: If you dare slap me, your hand will hang in the air. I know you kidnapped me. If you know what is good for you, take me back otherwise, the police will get you and you will have to spend the remaining of your life in prison.
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    Kidnapper: Haa, hope say I never collect bad job? Madam no tell me say this pikin na ogbanje.

    Toun: Since you refused to take me to my parent, can you please, get me something to eat? Something healthy, please.

    Kidnapper: No wahala, na Madam money dey increase. I no go fit collect three hundred thousand for this kain job.

    The Kidnapper placed a call to one of his boys to get him a plate of jollof rice from the nearest eatery. He is afraid of going because he doesn’t want stories that touch and to think he believed Toun to be a possessed child. Toun thanked the Kidnapper, blessed the food, and then, invited him to join him but the Kidnapper simply hissed.

    Toun: I don’t know why you’ve refused to join me and to think it’s so delicious.

    Kidnapper: I go soon slap you.

    Toun: I can see you are very hungry. Come and join me before I finish it.

    Kidnapper: I say shut up your mouth.

    Toun: I am sorry, but do you know that Jesus loves you? My Dad always tells me that Jesus died on the cross to save everyone even the worst man on earth can be saved. You just need to open your heart to Jesus, He will save you and give you a better job because I know you are kidnapping people because you couldn’t get a job.

    Kidnapper: Haaa, who you be sef? Which power you get? I don confirm am say na senior ogbanje you be.

    Toun: I have Jesus’ superpower If you become Jesus’ friend, He will give you plenty power.

    The Kidnapper suddenly became weak, the little boy whom he was sent to kidnapped was not ordinary. The most surprising thing was that all he said was true. He had never dreamed of becoming a kidnapper but after searching for a job for eight years, he had no choice but to accept the offer to be able to cater for his wife and children.
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    Simi had been dead worried and restless, it’s been four days, and the police were not saying anything about her son. All they kept saying was that they were doing their job, Simi was becoming afraid, she was afraid of losing her first child. When Yinka was away, he was her confidant and only friend, there were times at midnight when she would be crying instead of praying, but Toun was the one who consoled her even though he was very young.

    If there is one thing she was so sure of, it is the fact that the hand of the Lord is upon Toun. She was aware that her son was meant to be a great vessel in God’s hands hence, she didn’t joke with teaching him about God.

    Simi refused to eat, sleep or even take her medication a week after Toun was kidnapped. Yinka and his mom tried to make Simi understand why she needed to eat but she was adamant.

    Simi made up her mind to fast and pray till her son returned to her not minding the fact that she was pregnant. On the fourth day of her fasting, she fainted and was rushed to the hospital. After being cared for, she was given a serious warning not to joke about eating and getting enough sleep if she didn’t want to lose the baby.
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    Some days later, Yinka received a message from Tonia. How she managed to get his line remained a mystery to him. After reading the message, he showed his wife.

    “Hello, dearest husband,

    You don’t need to worry your head as to how I got your contact.

    I just want to inform you that your precious son is with me and I believe you won’t want him beheaded.

    Let’s meet at the Regency Hotel tomorrow at 10 pm. Meanwhile, come prepared because we may likely go three rounds.

    Don’t try to involve the police because if you do, you will receive the dead body of your son.

    See you soon, baby boy.”

    Simi: Haaa, Jesus! What are we going to do?

    Yinka: I will go to her.

    Simi: Go to her? Do you want to go and service her?

    Yinka: Instead of getting yourself worked up for nothing, why can’t you pray for me?

    Simi: Pray for you to do what exactly? To be able to satisfy her sexually?

    Yinka: Can you please trust me? Babe, I’ve vowed never to touch any other woman apart from you so, what I need now is your prayers.

    Simi: I am afraid, I don’t want to lose my son and I also don’t want to lose you to her again.

    Yinka: You won’t. God is in the midst of our battle, He will surely fight for us.

    TO Be Continued.

    This is really getting tough.

    Anyway watch out for the next episode.

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