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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 13)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 13)

The One I Called Friend.

    Mrs. Alake arrived at her son’s house the following morning, she was shocked to meet her daughter-in-law shaking while asleep on the floor. She quickly dropped her luggage on the floor and helped Simi to her feet, she was heartbroken to see her face swollen. After Toun ended the call the previous night, she thought he was playing pranks on her because she knew what her son could do, she didn’t raise her sons to be wife beater but seeing Simi in a bad shape shows that Toun was saying the truth.

    Mrs. Alake knocked on the door countless times but Yinka refused to open up, he thought Simi was the one knocking. He ran downstairs to open the door immediately he heard his mother’s voice. The moment he opened the door and set eyes on his wife, his heart broke. He wished he hadn’t laid hands on her the previous night but it was like an unseen force pushed him.

    Mrs. Alake helped Simi into the sitting room and ensured she laid down on the three-seater chair before going after her son. She walked up to him and gave him two deafening slaps, at that point, she wished she could still beat him.

    Mrs. Alake: How dare you treat someone’s daughter like this? You even had the gut to lock her out, when did you become heartless? Was this the way I raised you? Have you ever seen your father beat me before? Wait! What type of father do you want to be to your son? The boy watched you beat up his mother, I am so disappointed. I came here to prove that all my grandson said over the phone was a lie, I am ashamed to say that you came out of me.
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    Yinka: (crying) I am very sorry, ma. I never wanted to touch her but she pushed me to the wall by reminding me of my past, a story I don’t want to remember.

    Mrs. Alake: Is that an excuse? You even made her sleep outside. This isn’t the son I raised.

    Yinka: I am so sorry…..

    Before Yinka could finish his statement, Simi ran into the visitor’s toilet to throw up. Mrs. Alake looked at her and sensed that she was pregnant.

    Mrs. Alake: Yinka, you beat up a pregnant woman.

    Yinka: Not at all, mummy. She isn’t pregnant.

    Mrs. Alake: So you beat her up because she isn’t pregnant, right?

    Yinka: Not at all, ma.

    Mrs. Alake: Your father will hear about this. I am going to inform your brothers. Expect a family meeting very soon and if you dare absent yourself, you will hate the outcome.

    Simi came back to the living room and returned to where she was lying. Her look was pathetic which made Mrs. Alake unhappy.

    Mrs. Alake: Sorry, my daughter. Leave Yinka to me, I would report him to his elder brothers who will discipline him. He will never try this again.

    Simi: He can’t try it again because I will be giving him a divorce paper this week. I will get across to my lawyer later today. I am no longer interested in him, let him go back to his mistress.

    Mrs. Alake: Simi, please, you are the only one my family knows and accepts as his wife. Any other woman is a counterfeit.

    Simi: Mummy, Yinka beat me and threw me out of the house. Yinka claimed to love me but he made me sleep in the cold. What if something had happened to me? Well, maybe because I am an orphan.

    Mrs. Alake: Not at all, Simi. You mean so much to my family.

    Simi: During those years you were away, I didn’t even think of giving guys my contact talk more of discussing with them. I never harbored the thought of sleeping with any man. You now believe I cheated on you just because you saw a picture of me and a man together. See, I am tired of fighting battles, let’s end this and go our separate ways.
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    With that, Simi went into the room leaving mother and son to have their discussion. She fell on the bed immediately after she got into the bedroom and slept off.

    Mrs. Alake: Have you seen your life? You will be the first divorced man in our family. See, if she gives you a divorce paper like she said, don’t ever step your foot into my house because if you do, you will regret ever coming out of me.

    With that, Mrs. Alake went to Toun’s room to prepare him for school since that was the last thing on his parent’s leaving Yinka in the sitting room. He sat on the chair looking sad, he wished he could turn back the hands of time, he wished he hadn’t let his emotions get the better part of him. Still, he couldn’t understand why it got to the point where he had to beat his wife.

    Simi had been asleep for four hours when the ringtone of her cell phone woke her up. She sat up and saw her husband sitting beside her on the bed. She ignored him and went ahead to pick up her call only to discover her foster mother, Mrs. Adepoju was the one calling.

    Mrs. Adepoju: come online, let’s talk through WhatsApp call, there is something I need to tell you urgently.

    Simi: okay, ma.

    Simi logged in and dialed Mrs. Adepoju’s WhatsApp line.

    Simi: Mommy, you called me.

    Mrs. Adepoju: I saw that a battle has been staged against you and your husband but you are on the losing end. I also saw that you are carrying a seed which nothing must happen to. Simi, what’s happening?

    Simi: (burst into tears) Mummyyyyyy……

    Mrs. Adepoju: Where is Yinka? I need to discuss this with him.

    Simi: He is here, ma.

    Mrs. Adepoju: Put the phone on speaker.

    Yinka: Good afternoon, mommy.

    Mrs. Adepoju: What’s happening, Yinka? What are you two doing or should I say what have you two done that is making you lose the battle staged against you?
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    Yinka: I have a confession ma, I saw a picture of my wife and a man in a compromising situation yesterday and I lost it. We had a disagreement which led to a fight and I ended up beating her. Mummy, I am very sorry, I still can’t pinpoint what came over me.

    Mrs. Adepoju: Are you two okay? You are fighting a spiritual battle physically. Those pictures were bewitched. Kai! You two need to forgive one another and start fighting this battle the right way. Simi, I don’t know the seed you are carrying but you must not lose that seed.

    Simi: Mummy, I am six weeks pregnant.

    Yinka: what?? How?

    Mrs. Adepoju: Ehn ehn, my God isn’t an author of confusion. That child in you is the light of your family, the seed was sown in you that night you and your husband made love the first time after his return. Simi, don’t lose that pregnancy. Let go of the grievances you have against your husband and fight this battle like the strong and wise woman that you have been made to be.

    Yinka: Thank you, very much ma. We will do just as you advised us.

    Mrs. Adepoju prayed for the couple before ending the call. As soon as the call came to an end, Yinka received a call from Toun’s teacher.

    Mrs. Alex: Good afternoon, sir. Please sir, did you come to pick Toun?

    Yinka: What sort of a question is that? Please, hope my son is safe?

    Mrs. Alex: Sir, we have a situation here, Toun is missing.

    Simi: (jumped up from the bed) No oooo, nothing must happen to my son. You people should find my son before I get there.

    TO Be Continued.

    Hmmm, this is becoming tougher than we imagined.

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