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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 16)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 16)

The One I Called Friend.

    Simi couldn’t sleep the evening her husband went to see Tonia, she was afraid, she wasn’t ready to lose her husband to Tonia again neither was she ready to lose her son. That night, her mother-in-law persuaded her to get some sleep after singing and praying for hours but Simi wouldn’t listen.

    Some hours later, sleep took Simi away. It was from the dreamland that she heard the door open, she jumped to her feet and saw Yinka walk into the house looking weak and tired.

    Simi: Welcome home, babe, how did it go?

    Yinka: Fine, Toun is no longer in her custody but in the hospital. He is currently unconscious but the doctor promised he would be out of coma soon.

    Simi: Jesu! What happened to my son?

    Yinka: He was shot in the arm.

    Simi: Babe, please, give me the full details and the hospital my son is.

    Yinka: Can you let me be for once? I said Toun is no longer with her, isn’t that supposed to make you happy? You should be asking where Toun is so that you will go and stay with him, not these unnecessary questions.

    Simi: I am not asking unnecessary questions, I believe I have every right to know how last night went and that shouldn’t cause any problem between us except you went down with her.
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    Yinka: You know you have started. Why do you like using my past to taunt me? Must you always talk about me sleeping with Tonia? If you care to know, your son is in our family hospital. You can choose to go to him or remain here wanting to know whether I slept with Tonia or not.

    Simi: Yinka…………

    Yinka ignored Simi and walked into the bedroom to shower, and get four hours of sleep before going to the police station to finalize things. He remembered the event of the previous night and couldn’t help but appreciate God for the turnout of things. He remembered leaving the house confused but was grateful to the Holy Spirit who told him how to go about getting Toun out of Tonia’s custody without losing him and taking Tonia to bed.

    Simi walked into the bedroom and met her husband asleep, she decided not to disturb him but took her bath and went to the hospital. The thought of her son being free from Tonia’s claw made her very happy but then, she wished Yinka could tell her how it went.

    Done with dressing up, Simi took a cab to their family hospital, After asking about her son, she was directed to his ward. Getting to his ward, Simi broke down in tears, she was grateful that her son was back to her. She once asked herself how she would cope with Toun’s absence if Tonia succeeded in her plan but then, God proved to her that He is God.

    Simi couldn’t stop playing with his hair, she wished he was conscious to tell her all that happened. While she kept touching his hair, she began to sing his favorite song hoping that would help revive her son. Just as she thought, Toun suddenly opened his eyes when he heard his mother singing, she wasn’t singing just any song but his favorite.
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    Simi wanted to hug him tightly but restrained herself, she didn’t want to worsen the pain in his bandaged arm.

    Toun: Mommy??

    Simi: My cute baby boy is back to mommy, I missed you so much, Champ.

    Toun: I missed you, mommy. What about Mr. Ken, is he okay? Hope he wasn’t killed. I told Dad to help him. He is a good man.

    Simi: Okay, calm down, son. I don’t understand all of these. What happened and who is Mr. Ken?

    Toun: Mummy, can you please tell Dad that I need to see him? I promised Mr. Ken that I would help him. He helped me, he showed Dad and the detective where I was kept.

    Simi: OMG! Alright, son, we will help him but right now, you need to get better and Dad is getting some sleep. He looked tired and pitiable when he walked in this morning. Once he gets here later today, we will work on helping Mr. Ken.

    Toun: Thank you very much, mummy, I love you.

    Simi: I love you, too, son.

    Simi watched her son fall asleep, the young boy wanted to be awake but the injection given to him won’t let him. Thinking about what Toun said, it was obvious a lot happened the previous night and Simi couldn’t wait to hear the full story.
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    Some hours later, Yinka walked into Toun’s ward looking handsome as usual. Simi couldn’t help but admire him, he was still as handsome as when they met. Simi welcomed him but his reply was cold meaning he was still angry with her.

    Simi: Sweet, you are still angry with me, right?

    Yinka: Let’s not disturb him.

    Simi: We won’t. I just want to say I am sorry for what I said this morning.

    Yinka: When will you realize that all I shared with Tonia wasn’t my fault? Do you think I am happy that I have kids with her?

    Simi: I am sorry.

    Yinka: No, you are not. I think you need to learn how to trust me if you want the ship of this marriage to sail well.

    Simi: Babe, you are taking it too far. See, I am very sorry and I promise never to bring it up again. I understand that it’s not your fault but I just can’t help being afraid. I don’t want to lose my baby again.

    Yinka: Haven’t I promised you that you won’t lose me? What should I do to you when you talk about it again?

    Simi: Kiss me, carry me, and tell me that you love me.

    Yinka: You are joking, right?

    Simi moved closer to her husband, engaged his mouth in the business of kissing till she had gotten enough of it.

    TO Be Continued.

    TRUE LOVE SWEET SHA… Don’t miss the next episode oooh.

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