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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 12)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 12)

The One I Called Friend.

    After that event, the love the couple had for each other grew rapidly, they suddenly couldn’t do without one another. If any of them had to travel to another state or village, they would go together. Not only that, they didn’t joke about praying together, they also created time to have a heart-to-heart discussion. They did everything they could to make their union interesting and fun-filled.

    Yinka got the job that Mrs. Adepoju’s younger brother offered him, it was more like the job of a manager and the pay was good, even if it wasn’t up to what he earned in the former company he worked for before he suddenly resigned.

    That morning, Yinka was filled with happiness, there was this joy bubbling inside him as he drove to work. Before leaving for work, his wife had said some sweet words to him and then made some positive declarations about his life. Five minutes later, he received some money he had been expecting for months. He smiled and thanked God for giving him a spirit-filled and sweet woman like Simi.

    Getting to the office, he sat on his chair and muttered a word of prayer before commencing the day’s work. Then, he picked up a file he was to work on and realized that there was a white envelope on it. He opened the envelope and what he saw almost broke his heart to pieces.
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    In the envelopes were pictures of Simi and a random guy. In one of the pictures, Simi was in bed with the guy, in another picture, the random guy was kissing her. Yinka didn’t know when he burst into tears, if there is one person he doesn’t joke with, it’s Simi. If not for what happened, he wouldn’t have had any reason to touch another woman talk less of having children with her.

    He felt Simi had an affair with a man when he was with Tonia but what pained him was the fact that she hid it from him. Throughout that day, he was restless, at a point, it looked like his heart would break. When he couldn’t take it again, he fell on his knees and cried. For the first time since he came back to Nigeria, he got home late.

    Simi had been sick which was unlike her, she was the type that hardly fell sick. Since she was a nurse, she decided to run a test on herself, and surprisingly, the test revealed that she was six weeks pregnant. With joy bubbling inside of her, she pleaded with her colleague to stand in for her while she went home to have some rest.

    On getting home, the joy in her didn’t allow her to get a nap, instead, she went into the kitchen to prepare her husband’s favorite meal and then thought of a sweet way to break the news to him. Done with cooking, she went into the bedroom to have a shower and then, rest for a short period only for her to wake up by 8 pm and discover that her husband wasn’t back. She was grateful that her son’s teacher brought him home.
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    At that instant, she began to dial her husband’s line but he didn’t pick up, she called him over twelve times, yet, he didn’t pick up. Afraid that something bad must have happened to her husband, Simi began to pray for him.

    Some minutes later, Yinka walked in dejectedly. Simi quickly muttered a prayer of appreciation to God before going to meet him where he sat in the living room.

    Simi: Babe, are you fine? I was worried about you.

    Yinka: (wiped away his tears) I am fine.

    Simi: No, you are not, you are crying. Oh my God, you have been crying. Baby, please, talk to me.

    Yinka: I don’t think I should, can I just be alone?

    Simi: No, you can’t, my love. A problem shared is a problem solved.

    Yinka: (brought out the pictures and showed it to her) Can you explain this?

    Simi: (became shocked after looking at the pictures) What? Don’t tell me that you believe this, I can’t do that, please. Wait, is that why you have been crying? Please, wipe away your tears and stop acting like a baby.

    Yinka: I am acting like a baby, right?

    Simi: (becoming pissed) Sure, you are. You should know what I can do. If I didn’t mess up myself when things were hard for me in my university days, why should I mess up myself now? I was celibate for the seven years you spent with Tonia, shouldn’t that make you trust me? I should be the angry one here, I should be angry that you slept with my friend for seven years.
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    Yinka: Don’t go there, Simi. I didn’t do that intentionally.

    Simi: Intentionally or not, you did it all the same. So, why are you now acting like an immature mummy’s boy when you saw this?

    Yinka: Simi, I have never laid hands on a woman before, don’t make me start.

    Simi: (moved closer to him) I dare you to touch me. Yinka, you will regret ever doing it.

    In the twinkle of an eye, more hurtful words were exchanged and as if being pushed by a force, Yinka slapped Simi, Simi retaliated with two slaps which led to a big fight between them. Yinka ensured he gave her the beating of her life and then, locked her out of the house.

    An eight-year-old Toun wept as he watched his parents fight in the sitting room. He watched his Dad beat up his mom and then, push her outside. Luck smiled at him when his father walked into the room leaving his cell phone in the sitting room. He picked it up, dialed his grandmother’s contact, and explained all that happened to her.

    TO Be Continued.


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