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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 17)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 17)

The One I Called Friend.

    Simi: Babe, tell me how it went nau?

    Yinka: When I left the house that evening, I was so confused, I didn’t know what to do. Then, the Holy Spirit told me to place a call through to my roommate who happens to be in the army. You know, I sensed Tonia had men in the police station that was why she threatened that things would go south if I tried to involve the police.

    Simi: I sensed so too.

    Yinka: Luckily, my friend just returned to his home in Ikeja so, I drove there and explained everything that happened to him. He gave me a pill and told me to go to her. He said I should play along with her and order a wine with the claim of wanting to rekindle our love. He then advised that I tell her to go shower and once she goes out of sight, I should put the pill in her drink.

    Simi: That was risky.

    Yinka: I was tensed. I did as he advised. Some minutes after taking the drink, she slept off then I grabbed her cell phone and ran back to Dele. We went through her cell phone and got the contact of the kidnapper whom we spoke with and it was as if we were controlling him, he gave us the address of the place where Toun was held hostage.
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    Simi: Just like that?

    Yinka: I was shocked too but then, Dele advised we go with ten of his men in case it was a setup. Getting there, he directed me to the room Toun was in through an SMS. But then, some of his men who saw me walk out of the house with Toun began to shoot, of course, they didn’t know their boss was the one who let Toun go. In the process of shooting, Toun received a bullet in his arm which made Dele’s men refire.

    Simi: Hmmmmm, were the men arrested?

    Yinka: Yes, Their ring leader who released Toun was also arrested but I pleaded with Dele to help him.

    Simi: What about Tonia?

    Yinka: She had been arrested too, she was trying to run away from the hotel when the soldiers got there. She took to her heels the moment she discovered her cell phone was gone.

    Simi: God is so sweet abeg.

    Yinka: Seriously. I will have to go to the police station to write a report against Tonia and now that the army is involved, she won’t be able to influence the policemen in her favor.
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    Simi: I wish Tonia could just learn.

    Yinka: An enemy will not relent until they come in contact with God’s destructive power. She would be taken to court on Monday, I wish her well.

    Toun was discharged two days later and went with his grandmother to the village after she insisted that Toun needed to be away claiming that Tonia might want to try something funny again. Simi agreed with her mother-in-law and decided it was a good thing for Toun to be away till everything went back to normal.

    Tonia was taken to court and after the court procedures, She was found guilty and was sentenced to twenty-five years imprisonment. Her accomplices were charged to ten years imprisonment each. While being led away, Tonia, who was heavily pregnant pleaded to speak to Simi and Yinka for a minute, she asked for their forgiveness and pleaded with Simi to help her take care of her sons.

    Tonia: I decided to dine with the devil just because I craved for another woman’s husband. God already gave me my husband who was at that time not financially buoyant but I was ready to join hands with him. We went into a relationship and all was going well till my mom began to fill my head with words. I listened to her and allowed the beautiful future God has for me to get destroyed.
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    Onlookers: What a pity!

    Tonia: Today, Emeka is a big pastor here in Nigeria and his wife is doing well, that could have been me. Simi, I need a favor from you, please help me look after my boys, teach them about God, and make them understand that living outside of God brings destruction. I know I have told them a lot of crazy things about you but I know God will teach you what to do to raise them well.

    After bringing her conversation to an end, Tonia grabbed the gun of a police officer, shot her mother in the chest, and then shot herself. It was a terrible scene. The onlookers fled from the scene in a bit to protect themselves. Yinka and Simi ran to Tonia pleading with her to ask God for forgiveness before breathing her last breath which she did but her mother wasn’t privileged to do that, she died Instantly.

    The dead bodies were taken to the prison mortuary while the couple went home.

    TO Be Continued.

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