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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 20) FINALE
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 20) FINALE

The One I Called Friend.

    For almost two years, the twins kept on frustrating Simi and Toun because they knew Simi wouldn’t do anything to them. They behaved well whenever Yinka was around, and to worsen the situation, Simi didn’t report them to her husband.

    Something happened one day which made Simi report the twins to God. She suddenly walked into the boy’s room and met them trying to strangle Toun. Before that time, there had been a serious enmity between the three boys, The twins saw Toun as a rival and did everything possible to make him suffer. Out of anger, Simi gave them a deafening slap which made them stagger before rescuing her son from their claws.

    That incident made Simi cry to God, she knew she brought all that happened upon herself but then, she had learned her lesson and believed God had forgiven her. Heaven heard her cry that day and began work on the twins. For the first time since they got into Simi’s home, they walked up to her and apologized for all their wrong deeds. Seeing Simi cry before them that particular day broke their heart and they decided to behave well in order not to make her cry.
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    They had come to love Simi but the thought that she stole their Dad from their Mom always made them act otherwise. They thought frustrating Simi and Toun would make them leave their Dad so that they could have him to themselves.

    Simi was still lost in thought when Yinka walked in, he touched her and tried to know what was going through her mind.

    Simi: Welcome dear, didn’t know when you walked in.

    Yinka: Yes, seems your mind traveled far away.

    Simi: I was just thinking about some things.

    Yinka: Want to talk about it?

    Simi: I was thinking about all we’ve been through.

    Yinka: Yeah, even in the storm, God was faithful. Jones told me about their performance.

    Simi: That boy is always talking, I can see that his place is in the humanities.

    Yinka: Exactly. Sweet, thank you for everything, thank you for accepting the twins and helping them become better children. The change in them is just so amazing.

    Simi: My dear, we have to appreciate God for everything so far. He alone helped us.

    Yinka: Thank you for being the best wife even if you do run your mouth sometimes. Your words can be so annoying sometimes but I am grateful to God for giving you to me. I pray Isabel grows up to be like you.
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    Simi: I also want to thank you for being a great husband and father. Your patience and calmness awe me sometimes. I am happy to be married to you.

    Yinka: See me blushing. Meanwhile, I have been noticing something……..

    Simi: what is that?

    Yinka: (sat beside her on the bed) You are looking different these days.

    Simi: Seriously???

    Yinka: It seems you are pregnant.

    Simi: Pregg???? Not again, the house is full already. Oh my God. That explains my constant sleep and tiredness plus, my menses haven’t come this month. I don’t want this.

    Yinka: It’s fine, baby, we would be happy to have another baby. You know, I will always be there to help.

    Simi: Five children???

    Yinka: We are capable, darling. You don’t have to feel bad about it.

    Simi: I…I…I

    Yinka: It’s alright, come to daddy, come get some kisses and petting.

    Simi gave birth to another baby girl nine months later, she sought God’s help as regards training the children and He did. Toun went through secondary school, maintained his academic excellence, and later traveled to the US to study Medicine and Surgery. James, who discovered he loved to write was enrolled in a writing school and eventually published his first book at the age of sixteen. Jones on the other hand fell in love with speaking and acting hence, he got the necessary support from his parent to pursue his dream course. Isabel the first girl was so much in love with drawing and painting, Yinka connected her with his friends in that field who helped sharpen her skills. Laura the baby of the house grew into a beautiful young girl who also fell in love with mathematics.
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    Despite the storm that almost destroyed the home, Jesus the Chief captain of every ship helped calm the storm. What the enemy planned for them eventually turned out to be a great blessing. Simi decided to pen down all they went through so that other women could learn from her mistake.

    THE END!!!

    Thanks for reading to the end, I hope you learned something. Meanwhile, don’t forget to say a word of prayer for the author, .

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