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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 11)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 11)

The One I Called Friend.

    Simi: But mommy……..

    Mrs. Adepoju: Shut up, Simi. You should be wiser now, you should do everything to safeguard your home now. The devil used you to destroy your home the first time but God’s mercy spoke for you. Do you want the devil to destroy your home the second time?

    Simi: No, ma.

    Mrs. Adepoju: One thing you should know is that Tonia is coming back to fight, she won’t give up till she learns a hard lesson. This is the time for you and your husband to rekindle your love and bond well so that when Tonia comes to strike, you two will be able to join hands and resist her attack.

    Simi: Mommy, I am being honest here, I can’t get over the fact that he had been sleeping with another woman for years. It still hurt me.
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    Mrs. Adepoju: then, you have to first work on your mind. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you love your husband the way you should.

    Simi: Alright, ma. Thank you, mommy.

    Mrs. Adepoju: How far with his job? Has he gotten any?

    Simi: Not yet, ma. He submitted applications to different firms but he hasn’t heard anything from them.

    Mrs. Adepoju: Send his credentials to me, my younger brother needs someone to help him overseas with his new company.

    Simi: Wow! Thank you, Mommy, he will be so happy to hear this.

    Mrs. Adepoju: Anything for my baby girl, just ensure you take good care of him and see to the fact that a strong bond is created between you two.

    Simi: Alright, ma. I will do just that ma. Thank you, very much, ma. I love you, Mommy.

    Mrs. Adepoju: Love you, too baby girl. Don’t forget to get a a mind-blowing lingerie, it will do a great job. You need to make your first sex after seven years memorable.

    Simi: Mummyyyy….

    Mrs. Adepoju: wetin? Do as I said joor.
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    Yinka had been worried about his relationship with Simi, he could see that she was finding it hard to relate freely with him. It’s been almost two months since he got his deliverance and reunited with his family, but then, Simi hadn’t been able to put the past behind her. She had been caring, loving, and a source of encouragement to him but, she found it hard to give her body to him. Where he sat, he muttered a word of prayer to God asking that Simi’s heart be opened to him so that he wouldn’t have any cause to be unfaithful to her.

    He was assisting Toun with his assignment that particular evening when the bedroom door opened. He saw Simi walked into the room looking happy and a little nervous. She asked Toun to go to his room with the claim that she wanted to discuss something important with his father. As soon as Toun left the room, Simi locked the door and removed the overall she was wearing revealing the seductive lingerie which she had hidden under the overall.

    Simi: So, tell me, darling, do you like what you see?

    At that instant, Yinka lost it. He stood from where he sat and went to meet her, and engaged her mouth in the business of kissing. Then, the couple took a journey to the world of sexual ecstasy.
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    Tonia: Mom, what’s happening, it’s almost two months and you aren’t saying anything. I need my man back.

    Mrs. Mike: Calm down, young woman. We will strike when they least expect it. I have gone to see Baba and very soon, we will strike.

    Tonia: But mom…..

    Mrs. Mike: No but, you will come to Nigeria next month so that we can begin. Baba said we have to be tactical. First, we will break them asunder then strike. Keep calm, daughter, you will laugh last.

    TO Be Continued

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    Devil is a liar, nothing will happen to this family again. Next plz

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