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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 3)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 3)

"The One I Called Friend"

    Getting to Mrs. Adepoju’s residence, Simi was given a warm welcome, she felt loved and at home. Mr. Adepoju had slaughtered a chicken while his eldest daughter had prepared a delicious pot of jollof rice to celebrate the arrival of Simi. Simi was first taken to a room that she was meant to share with Adun, Mrs. Adepoju’s last daughter, then, she was instructed to freshen up and come downstairs for dinner.

    While at the dining, the story of the prodigal son who returned home flashed across Simi’s mind but she pushed it away. Done with her food, Simi helped wash the dishes before retiring to bed. As she got into the room, she heard a voice. She turned to see if it was Adun’s voice but she saw no one. The voice spoke to her again which made her scared.

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    Voice: Welcome home, daughter.

    Simi: (suddenly remembered the voice of the Holy Spirit) Ohhh!

    Holy Spirit: You didn’t miss me, did you?

    Simi: Why should I miss you? You chose to take my parent away from me, you chose to cause me pain.

    Holy Spirit: Your mother wasn’t meant to have another child. She didn’t remember the word of God which came to her fifteen years ago, she was meant to have just one child.

    Simi: But you could have spared my dad’s life.

    Holy Spirit: If your dad remained on earth, he would go into alcohol and clubbing, he would die in the process and go to hell. Heaven thought it was better to take him away so that he wouldn’t end up in hell. Daughter, don’t throw your life away because of what happened, come back to God, Heaven is very much interested in you.

    At that instant, Simi fell on her knees weeping and asking for forgiveness, she was sorry for the terrible things she did while in Aunty Lucy’s house. She remembers stealing the poor woman’s money which she and her children spent on pepper soup leaving the woman stranded, the poor woman wept but she didn’t return the money. She remembers accompanying Tunmise to Oga Samu’s room to record the duo’s sex session which Tunmise had been using to threaten the man to extort money from him.

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    After asking for forgiveness, Simi sense a kind of peace hovering all around her. She made up her mind to open up all her atrocities and make necessary restitution. After listening to her, Mrs. Adepoju called Aunty Lucy and made Simi open up all she ever did. Aunty Lucy forgave and prayed for her.

    Simi was made to repeat senior secondary school three to prepare her for the WAEC and NECO. Being a very smart girl, she aced the examination with distinction, she sat for JAMB and came out with flying colors. She applied for Nursing and got admitted into the University of Ilorin.

    By this time, Mrs. Adepoju was to relocate to the United States of America with her family members courtesy of her first daughter who resided there. It wasn’t easy to bring Simi over since she didn’t bear their surname and changing her surname was something they dared not do because it would be an insult to her late parent.

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    Simi was handed over to trusted leaders in her campus fellowship before Mrs. Adepoju relocated with her family. Simi wept the day they traveled out, she had come to love and see them as family but then, the family promised to bring her over as soon as she was done with her University education.

    Despite being far away from her, the Adepoju’s ensure they communicate with Simi regularly to help keep her on track.

    Time flew and Simi found herself in her third year. She was rushing to the lecture room one day when she met the love of her life, as she popularly calls him.

    TO Be Continued…. Watch out for Episode Four.

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