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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 4)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 4)

The One I Called Friend.

    There was a test in the department that day and Simi had woken up late due to reading in the midnight. It was a technical course that required one to read over and over to avoid making silly errors. Seeing that she was running late, Simi hastened her steps and suddenly bumped into a guy which made her fall. The guy quickly helped her up from the ground and immediately their eyes met, the duo became lost in staring at one another.

    A cough from an angle brought them back to consciousness, they both apologized for bumping into one another and then, went separate ways. But then, Simi couldn’t take the guy’s face out of her mind. Every guy began to look like him. At a point, Simi had to pray it out of her but that prayer wasn’t answered, she began to ask the Holy Spirit questions, and what she got was a feeling of peace in her heart.

    Her final exams came quickly and in no time, she became a graduate. Her fellowship organized a little party to celebrate the success of the final year brethren, it was at the party, that she saw him again and realized his name was Yinka. Surprisingly, they kept exchanging glances which wasn’t becoming funny to Simi, she wanted to run away from the party but she knew it wasn’t a wise thing to do.

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    The party came to an end, Simi was assisting the protocol officers when she felt a presence behind her, she turned back to see Yinka. He greeted her and requested five minutes of her time. One minute later, Simi found herself listening to a man confess his love for her, she stood there lost as to what to say to this guy that has haunted her for almost a year.

    While he spoke, Simi looked at him from head to toe and discovered that his clothes were faded especially his jeans. All that came to her mind was the fear of getting married to a poor man. Simi gave him her contact just to discard him after which she placed a call through to Mrs. Adepoju.

    After listening to her, Mrs. Adepoju advised her to pray about it and hear what God wants for her. Simi prayed and realized that the man was meant for her but she was afraid. She had always imagined herself getting married to a man who was financially settled so that she wouldn’t have any reason to struggle financially.

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    Simi also went ahead to open up to her roommate and friend when she was being questioned as to why she refused to pick up Yinka’s call.

    Simi: You know, I am just afraid. I carried out my investigation and discovered this guy’s parents are farmers. Like, the only property he has to himself is just the piece of land that his parent uses to farm. How do I cope with that? He doesn’t have a job yet. Tonia, I am afraid.

    Tonia: You don’t have to be like that, why not trust your future into the hands of God? If God is asking you to be with Yinka, He will care for you.

    Simi: But…..

    Tonia: God gives His children the best. Just give His will a trial.

    Simi: Hmmm, alright.

    After three months, Simi gave Yinka a yes. She was wowed by the love and care she received in the relationship and when he took her home to his parent, she couldn’t have asked God for more as his parent doted on her. They took her number and kept calling at intervals to check on her.

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    Six months into their relationship, Yinka got a job with a pay of six figures. It was a breakthrough for the intending couple who had been praying to God to bless them financially. Yinka was given an apartment and an official car. Simi was glad that she didn’t say no to God’s will for her life.

    Some months later, the couple got married and the love and care Simi received tripled but there was a problem and that was Simi’s inability to keep things to herself.

    When anything happened in the family, especially a breakthrough, she would always inform Tonia which Yinka was not comfortable with. He tried to make her understand that it isn’t everything that goes on in your family that one reveal to outsiders but Simi will always explain to him that Tonia was the reason she married him.

    TO Be Continued…. Watch out for Episode Five… You don’t want to miss any piece from this story.

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