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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 5)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 5)

The One I Called Friend.

    Yinka was so happy, he had just gotten another promotion and he couldn’t wait to share the testimony with his wife. He was already driving home but was stuck in Lagos traffic, his phone rang and the caller ID showed the caller was his wife, he smiled and picked it up.

    Yinka: Babe…

    Simi: Sweetheart, where are you?

    Yinka: Already on the way but traffic….

    Simi: ohhh, I will be expecting you.

    Yinka: and my baby?

    Simi: has been kicking furiously like, he is coming out anytime soon.

    Yinka: Lolz, tell him daddy will soon be back to watch him move in mummy’s belly.

    Simi: Lolzzz, alright na.

    Yinka ended the call with a smile plastered on his face. He couldn’t have asked for more, Simi was the peace he asked God for. She was just the type of woman every man needs. He met her when he was broke but her constant prayers have launched him into greater heights. He looked at his promotion letter again and was grateful to God for the good things He had bestowed upon him.

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    He remembered the day he bumped into Simi, that morning, the Holy Spirit had earlier informed him that he would meet his wife and when the incident took place, the Holy Spirit reminded him that the lady he bumped into was his wife.

    At first, he thought she wouldn’t give him a listening ear because of her sophisticated look. Judging from her dress and carriage, one could tell that she wasn’t from a poor home but then, Yinka was grateful to God that he found the courage to ask her to be his wife.

    The traffic got reduced and Yinka was able to find his way home. Getting home, he went straight to the bedroom where he met his wife reading a book, that was one thing he loved about his wife, her love for books and knowledge. He placed a kiss on her cheek and gave her the envelope containing his promotion letter and the benefits attached to it.

    Simi couldn’t stop screaming after discovering that her husband wasn’t just promoted but that his salary had been doubled, he was given a new apartment and a new car. They were to move into their new house in two weeks and have their new car delivered to them once they moved in. Simi fell to the ground and began to worship God, indeed, God had been sweet to her, He kept surprising her with the good things of life.

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    Done with praising God with his wife, Yinka undressed himself and went into the bathroom to freshen up only to come back to the room to meet his wife sharing the testimony with Tonia. Yinka lost it at that instant and for the first time, Yinka used harsh words on her which brought tears out of her eyes. Yes, Simi was a very young woman but he expected her to be mature especially when it comes to keeping secrets.

    Simi was pained, she sat on the cushion crying while her husband went to the dining to have dinner. He returned to meet her crying, seeing her in tears broke his heart, and that made him apologize to her hoping she had realized her mistake.

    A few months later, Simi was delivered of a baby boy who shared a strong resemblance with Yinka. The birth of the baby whom they named Adetoun brought so much joy to the couple, especially to Yinka. With the happiness in him, he bought a beautiful car for Simi which he called her push gift. As soon as Yinka left the house that morning after giving her the car keys, Simi called Tonia and told her about the car Yinka got for her.

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    Simi came out of the bathtub looking sad, it was obvious she had been crying in the bathtub, and she intentionally spent time under the water wishing it could wash away the pain in her heart.

    It’s been four years of being away from her husband, four years of singlehandedly nursing their son, four years without her husband’s love and care, four years of heartbreak, and four years of wetting her pillows at night.

    TO Be Continued…. We will find what happened soon…. Don’t miss Episode Six.

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