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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 6)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 6)

The One I Called Friend.

    Simi came out of the bathroom with a towel tied around her body, her eyes fell on her sleeping son and she couldn’t just hold back the tears, she let it flow freely hoping she would feel better after letting it out. She wiped her face, moved closer to her son, and played with his hair. Toun reminded her of Yinka every single day and one miracle she has been asking God for is that her husband be brought back to her.

    She remembered the last day she saw him, he came home late looking tired and unkempt, a closer look at her husband made her realize that he had been crying. She stopped what she was doing and ran to him trying to know what was wrong but all he kept doing was crying. Simi led him to the bathroom and ensured he freshened up before taking him to the bed to get some rest.

    Getting to the bed, Yinka held Simi’s hands and asked her to forgive him for committing an unforgivable sin against her. Simi who was now afraid tried to know what went wrong but he promised to tell her the following day. The following day came but Yinka didn’t return home.
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    Simi who thought he had been kidnapped reported the situation at the police station but the efforts of the police yielded no results. She searched everywhere she could for her husband yet, she didn’t find him. Her inlaws did all they could but no one was able to get Yinka. His lines never went through and to worsen the situation, his social media handles were disabled.

    Simi was advised to visit his office and on getting there, she was told he had resigned. Simi was shattered but she kept praying and hoping that her husband would come home one day. It had been four years now and Simi hadn’t set her eyes on her husband.

    Her alarm clock rang bringing her back to consciousness, the alarm reminded her that she had a program to attend. She watched a television program hosted by a man of God, the message the man preached touched her greatly and his prayer gave her hope. Then, she decided she needed to see him and discuss her husband’s disappearance with him hoping the Lord would give him a message for her.
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    Simi woke her son, bathed him, and dressed him after which she dressed herself and left for the Pastor’s church. She drove for almost two hours before she finally located the church and luckily for her, she met him in the church speaking with some elders and their wives. She was later allowed to speak to him after he had dismissed the elders.

    After listening to Simi, the pastor held her hands and prayed with her, in the course of the prayer, his eyes were opened to the cause of Yinka’s disappearance.

    Pastor: We believers make great mistakes after we receive God’s blessings. We tend to forget the agony we went through before the blessing came. In a twinkle of an eye, we throw away the blessing that took us years of sacrifices to get.

    Simi: You are speaking in parable, sir.

    Pastor: God gave your husband to you as compensation for serving Him even when things were tough, He gave your husband to you because only Him can be the mother and father you didn’t have. But, you threw that great blessing away with your mouth.
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    Simi: Yeeeeee, Have mercy on me, Lord.

    Pastor: Your husband isn’t dead neither was he kidnapped. God hears your prayers but He isn’t happy with the way you handled the blessings He gave to you. Hear this, your husband is in the custody of a powerful woman and only your prayers can liberate Him. But, your prayers can’t be answered until God forgives you and sees that you are ready for restoration.

    Simi: Ha

    Pastor: I will advise that you go and begin to ask God for forgiveness because He is the only one who can give you the right prayer point that can liberate your husband and, bring him back to you.

    TO Be Continued.

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