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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 7)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 7)

The One I Called Friend.

    Simi couldn’t hold back tears as she drove back home, she didn’t even mind the fact that her son was looking at her. She just wanted to know what she did wrong that made God angry with her. She needed to know the exact thing she did, she didn’t keep any friend except Tonia and Tonia happens to be a genuine child of God. She wanted to know the strong woman holding her husband captive because she was sure it could never be Tonia.

    Tonia is happily married to a man who loves her with everything in him so, it’s not Tonia. On getting home, Simi ensured her son was fine before going into her prayer room, that’s the room she and Yinka go to whenever they need to communicate with Heaven. As she entered the room, she fell flat on the floor and began to ask for God’s mercy after worshipping Him for one hour.
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    For months, Simi kept on asking God for mercy but it was like He wasn’t listening to her, there were days she would fast and pray just for forgiveness, and there were days she would cry like her life depended on it. When she became tired, she went back to the Pastor who told her to keep asking for mercy because God wants her to learn before giving her the answers to her prayer.

    After one year of praying for mercy, Simi woke up one morning and was preparing her son for school when one of her coursemates back in her university days who knew about her husband’s disappearance called her. At first, Simi didn’t want to pick because she was yet to know who the powerful woman who held her husband captive was but on second thought, she decided to pick and hear what she had to say.
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    Vera: How have you and Toun been?

    Simi: God has been watching over us?

    Vera: It is well. How are you coping with getting money?

    Simi: I got a job with my certificate, remember I studied nursing.

    Vera: Awesome one, dear! I am sorry for keeping this away from you.

    Simi: what’s that?

    Vera: I am currently out of the country, I left six months ago but I was told to be quiet about it so that it would be successful.

    Simi: okay……….

    Vera: Three months after I got here, I bumped into Tonia. I was shocked to see her because she didn’t tell anyone that she relocated to Canada and to think she was married with two children. She apologized and said she had to keep everything secret because we can’t trust people.

    Simi: Yes, she relocated to Canada. She actually met her husband on Social Media, he lives in Canada so, she traveled to meet him and they got married there.

    Vera: can you just shut up? Which husband did she meet on social media? The baby in her arms that day shared a strong resemblance with your son which made me curious. We said our goodbyes after talking for some minutes but I didn’t go away, I followed her to where she lived and discovered that the man she was calling her husband was your Yinka. That girl is evil, she is married to Yinka and to think she now has two sons for him.
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    Simi: Never! Tonia can never do that, she isn’t with Yinka. Tonia is a good woman and I can attest to that.

    Vera: See this one, that was why I kept the information to myself all this while. Let me send you the pictures.

    TO Be Continued.


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