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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 8)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 8)

The One I Called Friend.

    Within two minutes, Vera sent thirty pictures to Simi on WhatsApp. At first, Simi was afraid to check but she later summoned courage. The first picture almost made her run mad, in it, Yinka and Tonia were holding one another tightly like a couple in love. The second picture was that of Tonia’s two boys who were twins and they shared a strong resemblance with Toun, her son.

    As Simi kept looking at the pictures, she felt her heart break, the betrayal was too much for her to bear. At that point, one thing came to her mind and that was giving Yinka a divorce. She wanted to be free from the shackle called marriage. She had been praying and fasting for the return of her husband with the mind that he was probably kidnapped. Simi glanced at one of the pictures and concluded that Yinka wasn’t under any kind of spell.
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    Simi began to regret getting married to Yinka, she wished she had traveled out to meet Mrs. Adepoju after her graduation. Right there, she picked up her phone and dialed Mrs. Adepoju’s number, and luckily for her, Mrs. Adepoju picked up immediately.

    Mrs. Adepoju: How are you, daughter?

    Simi: (weeping) Mummy, I am not fine oooo. Do you know where Yinka has been all this while?

    Mrs. Adepoju: Where? Have you seen him?

    Simi: Mummy, Yinka is in Canada with Tonia, They got married over there and now, they have two boys.

    Mrs. Adepoju: This is unbelievable, how do you get this information?

    Simi: A friend of mine who traveled out and saw her sent me the pictures. Mummy, I am done with this marriage, I am getting a divorce. I have been here crying, fasting, and praying for him not knowing that he went away with another woman.
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    Mrs. Adepoju: calm down, daughter. Getting a divorce isn’t the solution, do you want the devil to win this battle?

    Simi: (wipes her tears) Mummy, I am tired of fighting this battle. Can I just come over and move on with my life?

    Mrs. Adepoju: not yet. Getting this information is a sign that God has shown you mercy and has started fighting your battles for you. You will intensify your prayers so that God can fight this battle to the end. Something tells me that you are the root cause of this situation but then, let’s not dwell in the past. My husband and I will join you in prayers, let’s make it every night vigil and I believe that God will do something huge very soon.

    Simi: Thank you, mummy. God bless you, ma.

    Mrs. Adepoju: Crying won’t solve the problem. Appreciate God for this revelation and tell Him to perfect all that concerns this situation.
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    Simi: Alright, ma.

    Mrs. Adepoju: Please, take good care of yourself and Toun.

    Simi: I will ma.

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    Two years later,

    Yinka was washing the dishes in the kitchen when his hand mistakenly hit something in a polythene bag. The previous day was his wife’s birthday and since today happens to be his off, he decided to help clear the dishes. While washing, he tried to pick something from the cabinet when his hand hit a bottle tied inside a polythene nylon. The bottle fell to the ground and broke, Yinka untied the polythene nylon and as soon as his eyes came in contact with the content in the bottle, he regained his senses.

    TO Be Continued.

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