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“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 9)
“The One I Called Friend” (Episode 9)

The One I Called Friend.

    Tonia had a very stressful day at work and all she wanted was dinner, a good body massage, and a good night’s rest. She thought of Yinka’s massaging skills and got laughing, she was happy to have him to herself even if she got him the wrong way. She thought about his sexual prowess and laughed harder. She then promised herself that she would do everything within her power to ensure Yinka remained hers.

    While she drove herself home, she couldn’t but appreciate her mom for having a hand in her union with Yinka. Yinka is the type of man every woman needs like, he is the dream man of every woman. He is caring, loving, and domesticated to the core. His soothing words were another thing she loved about him. Tonia was no longer concerned about how Simi felt, all that mattered to her was happiness.

    After driving for forty minutes, Tonia arrived home and as she stepped into the room, she began to have a strange feeling. First, her boys were not home yet and Yinka was peacefully sitted which was unlike him, he would have driven to the boys’ school to pick them up. The next thing was that Yinka was cold to her, the normal Yinka would have run to her and plastered her face with kisses but he remained on the sofa looking like someone who lost something. Suddenly, Tonia’s eyes fell on the bottle her mother gave to her, her mother got it from an herbalist and as long as she added the content to Yinka’s food, he would never remember Simi and her son. The warning she was given was that he mustn’t set eyes on the content otherwise, the charm will lose its potency.
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    Tonia: (acting like she knew nothing) Babe, what’s on the table? Did you get drugs? Are you ill?

    Yinka: What am I doing here? Why is this house filled with pictures of you and me? Who are those boys? Where is my wife and baby? When did I come to Canada? The last time I checked, I was the managing director of a company back in Nigeria and I am happily married to your friend. So, what happened?

    Tonia: Fine! You want to hear the truth right? The day I walked into your office with lunch claiming Simi asked me to give it to you, Simi never sent me, I came on my own, and that food was laced with a love portion.

    Yinka: Jesus! I can remember. Oh my God, why are you this wicked?

    Tonia: wicked you say? I am not the wicked one here, Simi is. Why did she take pleasure in mocking my singleness? Listen, we are legally married with two boys and nothing can change that fact. So, let’s act like nothing happened because if you try to play a fast one on me, I will get you arrested for rape and irresponsibility.
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    Simi slept off after praying for some hours, she then had a dream that scared her to the bone marrow. She saw Yinka bound with chains but a light from above came and broke the chain, he screamed for joy and made to leave the room where he was held bound but his captor came in, pushed him back and tied him with the chain. Simi began to cry and pray again, it was obvious her prayers had been answered but the enemy wanted to reinforce. At that point, the Holy Spirit told her to use the covenant and bond of their marriage to draw her husband back to herself. Simi prayed and prayed till she felt a satisfaction in her spirit after which, she began to give glory to God.

    Where Yinka sat in the living room, it was as if something entered into him and pushed him out of the house. He wanted to be anywhere but not in the same house with Tonia because he knew that she would be working on tying him down again. Luckily for him, he had taken his ATM and vital documents immediately he came to his senses. As he left the house, he told himself it was best he returned to Nigeria so that Tonia wouldn’t implicate him.

    That evening, he took a cab to the airport, bought a return ticket back to Nigeria, and was lucky to get an airplane traveling to Nigeria the following day.
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    Simi was depressed that day, she had been praying for her husband’s return for almost seven years and it looked like nothing was happening. She tried to encourage herself with the fact that everything would be fine but she soon found herself wallowing in unhappiness. Her son would be turning seven in two weeks and the birthday gift he wants from her is to see his father, she wonder how she would grant that request.

    As soon as she closed from work, Simi went to Toun’s school to pick him up and together, they went home. A look at her son showed he wasn’t happy but she had no strength to deal with his tantrums that evening.

    After an hour’s drive, Simi drove into her compound and was surprised to see someone sitting in front of her verandah. She came down from the car and came face to face with Yinka after seven years. How could she have forgotten the face, the stature, and the look that awakened the butterflies in her tummy years back?

    TO Be Continued.

    Be careful who you are trusting.

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    God of miracle thank u for answering her prayer

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